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A Romantic Beach Resort Getaway Vacation - Acapulco

Acapulco is not known as the queen of Mexican beach resorts for nothing. A drive along the Costera Miguel Alemán offers both a spectacular view of the bay that made Acapulco famous for a romantic getaway. There are many attractions along the bay such as the San Diego Fort, originally built to protect Acapulco from pirates; Papagayo Park; and Casa de la Cultura, an art and crafts exhibition with a small archaeological museum.

The beauty of Acapulco for a romantic getaway is that many of its beaches remain fairly secluded. These include those at the Pie de la Cuesta and the Coyuca lagoon, whose hidden coves and small islands can be only reached by small motorboats.

Puerto Marques is another beautiful beach for a romantic getaway. It is sheltered by a small bay. This pristine spot east of Playa Icacos has the most tranquil waters in the area. With its charming restaurants, it is ideal for a quiet vacation for lovers.

When the sun goes down in Acapulco, the cliff divers will come out to play at La Quebrada. They will plunge 130 feet into a narrow cove that holds only 11 feet of water, timing their dive to safety together with an incoming wave.

For something quieter and more romantic, take a sunset cruise along the bay. Tickets are easily available at major hotels and shops. 

Where to Stay in Acapulco

Acapulco has a wide range of accommodation options, from inexpensive posadas to luxury hotels. Consider the romantic Las Brisas resort. It offers private or semi-private swimming pools and casitas with fantastic views of Acapulco Bay or the Pacific Ocean.

Or stay at the Historic Villa Vera with its exotically designed white houses decorated in contemporary Mexican-Mediterranean style.

Wherever you choose, Acapulco is a great place for a romantic getaway vacation.