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Experience the Charm of Boston for Your Next Romantic Weekend getaway

A romantic weekend getaway in Boston is a great idea. There are many interesting places to visit, so there is definitely something for everyone. That is one of the important planning considerations for a romantic weekend getaway. Finding something that you and your partner can enjoy together. In Boston, you can enjoy not only the sights of the different neighbourhoods, with many fun activities within but also on the outskirts of Boston, in hip enclaves like Somerville.

What to Do in Boston

Whatever your interests are, whether you enjoy deep-sea fishing or visiting museums, Boston is an ideal setting for a unique romantic weekend getaway. Boston has a history that is best explored through walking down its streets and breathing in the refreshing ocean air. When you are ready to plan your romantic weekend getaway, consider about this wonderful city that has so much to offer in culture, dining, shopping, and history. You will never tire of all the variety that abounds here and the historic atmosphere of days gone by. Enjoy a relaxing trip and check out all that Boston has to offer. You should plan ahead for things that can be done for each day and evening so that when you arrive you will have several choices of things to do. Do not forget to leave some time for just watching the setting sun and the lights coming up on the city over the bay. Of course, set aside time for romance for you and your partner.

Romantic Things to Do in Boston

If you enjoy taking harbour cruises or go on a whale watching expedition then go and check out the waterfront. The Boston Harbour Cruises also offers pleasant short cruises, just perfect for two people on a romantic getaway. Boston is also home to the New England Aquarium as well as trendy restaurants, marinas, and fabulous hotels. Take your time and discover Boston neighbourhood by neighbourhood over a lazy weekend with someone you adore. 

Taking a walk through the north end of Boston will lead you to retrace the steps of the many immigrants that once lived in this area. The early immigrants were Italian and this neighbourhood still has many Italian influences as seen in the Italian style restaurants, cafés and shops. Many locals speak in Italian. The ambiance will make you believe you are in Italy.

The most popular attraction here is the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. This is a unique marketplace that is home to many specialty shops, restaurants and bars. All of the markets have been painstakingly restored and are a joy to behold. Drop in at the nearby Union Oyster House for delicious oysters. The Union Oyster House, which is located at 41 Union Street, is claimed to be America’s oldest restaurant. The building has been declared a National Historic Landmark. Stepping inside will give you a taste of what it was like to dine in colonial era America. Capped your night of good dinning in a colonial atmosphere with a theatre show in Boston’s live theatre district.

Boston’s Historic Live Theatre Entertainment

There is a thriving live entertainment scene in Boston. Whether you are into classical concert or traditional theatre or musical, you will find something to your liking. While a night at the movies is fun, the key to a successful romantic getaway is to do something different. If live theatre is a treat for both you and your partner then Boston is the best place for a romantic getaway. From light comedy, satire, drama, musicals to chamber music, the list of live entertainment options in Boston is simply astounding.


Charlestown is home to the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution. The area is kept preserved although modern establishments are increasing. This area is also home to Olives, a very popular restaurant. This trendy bistro style restaurant is located at 10 City Square, Charlestown, Massachusetts. It surprises with its menu of hearty ingredients like lamb, beef, and roast chicken presented in pleasing creations. They have menu items such as Brick Oven Roasted Chicken, with roasted garlic glaze, country mashed potato cake and green beans. Or you can enjoy a Slow Smoked Braised Beef Short Rib, Grilled Lamb Sandwich, as well as the very popular oysters and tuna tartare.

The South Boston waterfront and seaport district is home to the Fish Pier, the World Trade Centre, a federal courthouse, and the museum Wharf. Take a fascinating stroll along the streets in this area and enjoy the sights.

Boston is also home to the fourth largest Chinese area in the United States. You will enjoy trying the many different types of Asian food and try finding a perfect gift at one of the unique gift shops. For more uptown fare, head out to nearby Cambridge. There you will find trendy and hip restaurants like the Elephant Walk, recently named as among the best of Boston.