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 Delicious Sydney - Culinary Delights 

Sydney is a city with character. It is home to a few famous actor and actress such as Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman. Celebrities born in Sydney include  Hugh Jackman, Toni Collette and Miranda Kerr. Certainly this city is fascinating and vibrant. And dimply delectable.

One way to appreciate this romantic city is through her many culinary delights. Sydney has many wonderful eateries serving many varied and delectable cuisines. One place to check out during your visit is the Grounds of Alexandria at Huntley Street. This is a former industrial estate is a popular hangout.There is an innovative mix of cafe, bar, eatery, lemonade stands and pushcart stalls. There is even a min-petting zoo. Go say hello to Kevin Bacon!

Garden Fresh
There is a garden filled with vegetables, fruits and herbs. You can use fresh garden produce here. The garden fresh produce are also used in the menu of the Cafe Roastery. The cafe is open everyday for breakfast and lunch. The Ground Burger is a must-try. A combination of ground beef brisket, generous helping of lettuce with cheese and dill cornichon mayo on a toasted brioche bun. 

Multi-Cultural Food Experience
Sydney is well-known for its multi-cultural mix of residents. One strong influence on its culinary scene is the Middle Eastern food. Look for exquisite fares such kebabs and felafels at places like Haldon Street, Lakemba or the suburbs of Auburn and Granville.

Chinese, Thai and Vietnam cuisines are equally prominent in Sydney's culinary scene. For these, you have to check out the Chinatown, centered around Dixon Street, Sussex and Goulburn Streets. You can also find eateries from Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia and Malaysia.