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Romantic Vacation in Cancun

Cancun is a great romantic weekend getaway travel spot. There is nothing like the sunsets in Cancun. You will love all the beaches but you may want to visit other places as well. Here are some travel tips to guide you in your romantic getaway in Cancun.

Nearly all of the beaches in Cancun and in Mexico are free for all to enjoy. However, there are very few lifeguards and some beaches have no lifeguards at all. So, you will need to be mindful of all of your water safety precautions and never swim alone. There are always water condition flags posted so you should read and obey all those directions.

Be fully prepared for your Cancun getaway, whether it is for a honeymoon or just a romantic weekend getaway, make sure your passports are valid and both of you have a photo ID on hand. You and your partner can then have the time of your life rekindling romantic passions as the sun sets on the beaches of Mexico.

Cancun Travel Tips

Mexico imposes a travel tax on visitors. The tax is to help with the maintenance of the Mexican airports. You will need to pay around US$15 when you depart Mexico unless the tax is included as part of your tour package.

The currency used in Cancun is the Mexican peso. Many places will accept US dollar but it is smart to exchange the money you wish to spend into pesos first. For currency conversion, it is best if you go to a bank or an exchange house to convert your money. You will get a better conversion rate at one of these locations as compared to shops in town.

As with any trips, remember to pack personal medications such as aspirin and other items you may need for upset stomachs, allergies or non-prescription drugs. If you need prescription medicine, you should bring enough for the entire trip plus some extra in case of delay during departure. If you have any health conditions that a doctor need to know in case of a medical emergency, you should write all the necessary information on a card and carried with you at all times while you are travelling.

For getting around Cancun, be sure to check with your hotel concierge on taxi fares before you venture out. When you get into a taxi, also ask the driver and make sure his rates are the fair compared to the rates that you were told. You can also rent cars for self-drive sightseeing all over Mexico, so if you prefer to drive yourself you can explore on your own. Invest in a map of the local area so you can find your way back to your motel.

If you are unsure about getting around in Cancun, you should stick to the beaches. After all, you are on a romantic weekend getaway vacation to Cancun and there are plenty of things to do at the beaches. No point getting lost and frustrated elsewhere. So, enjoy the company of your beloved partner and have a romantic time on the beaches of Cancun!