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Romantic Getaway to South Australia

Thinking about a romantic getaway to Australia? If you and your partner simply love “Australia” the movie (starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman), then fall in love again with the romantic South Australian outback by taking a romantic getaway to the very place where the movie was filmed. Now, just like Sarah Ashley and “The Drover”, you can experience the awesome vast desert landscapes, the cosy summer nights and the beautiful star-filled skies.  South Australia is home to the ancient Flinders Ranges, the amazing Wilpena Pound, and the world’s largest cattle station and where the Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive take place.  So if you want to experience “Australia” just like in the movie, you should visit South Australia for a romantic getaway, to where the people are genuine, the places are real, the journeys are personal, and the memories are forever lasting.


Rugged Romance in Australia 

If you are inspired by the movie, Australia, to dream of the romantic droving life – riding on your trusty steed, trotting about with the red desert below and endless blue skies overhead, then try the 4 days, 3 nights 'Sunsets, Saddles & Shiraz' package, which offers you an Australia, The Movie experience. This unique Outback adventure combines the rustic romance of cattle droving, delightful gourmet food and splendid wine. It will provide a glimpse of the native wildlife and fauna. The star attraction is the breath-taking Flinders Ranges.

The best part is that all these breath-taking sceneries are available just a few hours’ drive north of Adelaide. You can choose to round up your romantic getaway with a visit to the cultural capital of South Australia, the beautiful Adelaide.

For a romantic weekend Australia getaway, try sunny Clare Valley, where you can experience the finer things in life - delicious gourmet food, a rich heritage, and great world-class wines. Explore between cellar doors with your loved one, have a romantic dinner at any of the fine restaurants and go for leisure cycle along the Riesling Trail.

Then, just like Lady Sarah Ashley and 'The Drover’; make a trip to explore the vast and beautiful Outback. You can try an awesome Flinders Ranges odyssey for an adventure of a different and the most remarkable kind. Or just have a romantic weekend stay on an Outback station where you can try horse riding, explore hand-in hand with your partner, be amazed by the ancient gorges and enjoy some pretty unique local cuisine at the renowned Outback pubs.

Heading Bush Outback Adventures offer tours based on high end touring with private charter options. The 3-Day Private Charter Luxury 4 Wheel Drive tour will lead you on an once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Flinders Ranges and Outback. You get to see the incredible rock formation of Wilpena Pound and come up close with the abundant local wildlife, experience the great wilderness, and admire the local aboriginal artwork and culture.

If you and your partner enjoy the movie, Australia, and want to experience the real Australia Outback experience, a trip to South Australia would be a great romantic getaway idea. The unforgettable romantic experience you will have together with your partner will further cement your romantic relationship.