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Back-to-nature in Tasmania : A Romantic Getaway Vacation in Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is perfect for those who are looking for a back-to-nature romantic getaway vacation. Tasmania can be said to be a hidden gem of a romantic getaway vacation destination. Located off the south-eastern coast of the Australia continent, it is a natural wonder. You may have heard of the Tasmanian devil. It is just one of the many unique Australian wildlife that you can find in Tasmania. After all, forty percent of Tasmania are national parks and nature reserves. So you will definitely encounter the many unique Australian creatures such as the wombats and platypuses.

Although it is an island, Tasmania is actually very big. The natural landscape of Tasmania ranges from picturesque granite mountains and lush forests to scenic rivers and pristine white beaches. It is perfect for reconnecting with the great outdoors. So whether it is farm stay, trekking, hang gliding, white-water rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing or outdoor camping, Tasmania is the perfect destination for a back-to-nature romantic getaway vacation.

Start your romantic getaway vacation in Hobart, Tasmania's capital city. If you have a sweet tooth, do not miss the Cadbury Chocolate Factory which is just 16 km from the airport. If you want something rustic, visit one of many farms like the 300 hectares Curringa Farm in nearby Hamilton, about 66km away from Hobart. Laze around while the sheep dogs round up the sheep to be shorn.

For a touch of romance, flowers is a must. So visit the Bridestowe Lavender Farm to see the 100 hectares of lush deep purple lavender fields and well-landscaped gardens. Try out their range of lavender flavoured ice-cream, honey, jams, jellies and small treats. If you cannot get enough of the lavender scent, bring some home with you in the form of room sprays, potpourri, bath milks and massage oils.

For something more adventurous, head underground at the Mole Creek Karst National Park which is famous for its more than 300 caves sinkholes. Explore caves like the King Solomon's Cave and marvel at the stunning calcite crystals or the Marakoopa Cave, which has the largest display of glow-worm.

For taking it easy, a stay at the Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village is recommended. It is located near the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park and right in front of the beautifully serene Dove Lake. One of the scenic sight is 1,627m high Mount Ossa, the highest mountain in Tasmania.

There are many great places to visit in Tasmania. It is truly a great destination for a back-to-nature romantic getaway vacation.