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3 Great Ideas For Romantic Weekend Holidays Or Escapadas Romanticas

If you're finding it demanding to get inspiration for a romantic weekend venture or escapada romantica, have a try at doing something a little different - candlelit dinners and also serenades by moonlight are nice, but there are many other ways to enjoy an enchanting weekend with your partner - a few of the more thrilling ones are listed below.

Romantic Weekend Plan 1: Getting Back To Basics

Why not go back to the early days of your relationship - visit again that B&B you went to while you were still students - or simply go to watch that play that you saw on your first date? Maybe you met at work and you could take a trip to that place you used to go to on a lunch time - revisit the past and recall those great memories.

Usually there are unlimited destinations possible. You may book a trip far away and visit the place you honeymooned or you can eat ice cream about three blocks away from where you live, at the ice-cream parlor you walked to the first time you spoke of love. It's a known fact that revisiting the past is a great way to kindle fires of the the future to be.

Romantic Weekend Idea two: Super star Life

Instead of reminiscing around your own life, why not visit the popular romantic weekend getaway locations like Escapada Romantica Alicante related to celebrity life? If you have a celebrity you are collectively interested in, it will be a fun way to see some sights - check out Kingman, Arizona, and see where clark Gable and Carole Lobard eloped. You can even tour the hotel they remained in, and explore the wild-west town of Oatman - which has a unique, quaint and also historical feel - even all the way down to donkeys on the street, which you can feed carrots to if you like.

Is Oatman just a bit too rustic for you? Then what about dining in a hot spot that isn't so historical. Do some research for restaurants having celebrity appeal and you probably will be able to spot one of tinsel town's latest celebrity couples.

Romantic Weekend Idea three: Escape From Technology

You don't really have to go far to achieve this romantic weekend escape or escapadas romanticas idea. The main thing is to just spend time together. Deactivate your mobile phone, leave your laptop at home, and merely head to a bed and breakfast, or cozy inn, and enjoy some time together. Stay away from the TV, or any distractions, and just relax with each other. It's amazing what a certain amount of time, and peace and quiet, can do.

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