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A Walking Workout Regime For Those Who Can't Walk Speedily For 10 Minutes

Before you start, you should always warm up and then stretch. It is significantly better to stretch warm muscles than to stretch cold muscles. 2 minutes of walking would work as the warm up for this regime. Once you are warm, make sure you do certain light stretching. Stretching increases mobility and even aids in preventing injury. At the very least make sure you stretch your legs. After you are done stretching you are all set to begin.

Start walking briskly. Walk at a speed where you could speak in sentences, but aren't able to sing a verse of a song. Keep up with this this for 5 minutes and then take a break for 3 minutes. If you feel you don't have to stop, then walk at a slower rate for the 3 minute break. After the break is over, begin walking at a fast rate again for another 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes have ended, take a short rest and then stretch again. This workout could be performed every other day.

If you can't do the regime above, then do 5 minutes of slow walking, 3 minutes of brisk walking, and then 5 minutes of slow walking. If you can't do this, do that you are able to and continue doing what you can every other day. Do what you are able to and gradually progress up.

That's all there is to it. This program is simple and efficient for anybody who is unable to walk at a fast rate for 10 total minutes. Whether you are recovering from something, are aged, have been inactive for quite a while, or have other complications which make it challenging for you to walk for 10 minutes straight, the above walking workout regimen is for you. Follow it and do it on a regular every-other-day basis and you will see results.

Once you could easily do the workout above without feeling sore or tired later, then you are ready for a more demanding walking regime. You could challenge yourself further by raising the duration or the intensity. In other words, make the exercise session longer or make it tougher. You could make it more difficult by walking faster, or by jogging if you feel ready.

After someone has progressed to the point that they could do 20 minutes of jogging without feeling sore or worn out later, they could begin building muscular strength and endurance if that is something they desire. A twice-a-week strength building workout can be added to their workout program. Building muscular strength is critical in enhancing balance and preventing osteoporosis, so adding resistance training would benefit any workout regime.

TheRack Workout Station is an all-in-one home gym that is both versatile and compact. It can help you build both muscular endurance and strength. While the DVD workouts included with it are intense, you don't need to follow them should they be too hard. You could create and follow your own custom workouts that are at a level you could cope with and then work your way up.

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