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Aircraft Charter Safety Ratings - What Do They Actually Mean?

When you are picking out an aircraft charter company, it is essential for you to figure out whether the charter business you might be thinking about complies with the optimum safety standards possible.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) conducts a lengthy certification process prior to actually approving a jet charter operator the authority to fly the general public. Also, the Faa has continuous oversight of the provider in the course of yearly base inspections, through conformity inspections to add new aircraft to their certificate, and in the course of semi-annual checks of the pilots. The majority of charter providers attempt to fulfill a higher safety standard than that governed by the FAA. For example, the FAA requires that aircraft captains possess 1200 hours of actual flight experience. The majority of operators have a minimum standard of 2500 hours while the best operators require around 5000 hours of practical experience.

A few agencies have developed industry-wide safety criteria for aircraft charter operations to help unify these specifications. They are Aviation Research Group/US (ARG/US), Wyvern, the Air Charter Safety Foundation as well as IBAC (International Business Aviation Council).

ARG/US is perhaps the most well known of the aviation safety standards organizations. They rate charter businesses within the following classes; DNQ (does not qualify), Gold, Gold Plus and also Platinum. A Gold operator meets the basic ARG/US safety criteria. The Gold Plus designation is given to a company who satisfies the primary specifications plus has participated in either an ARG/US review of its operations and procedures or has received IS-BAO registration. The Platinum status is granted to those businesses that fulfill the basic safety standards, pass the on-site review and in addition have both a Safety Management System and an Emergency Response Plan in place.

Wyvern has always been highly regarded inside the charter business for its high standards. The Wyvern Standard includes such specifications for the pilots as a minimum of 4000 hours of flight experience with specific other flight time standards connected to time in type of aircraft. Wyvern puts out the Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) document on request that indicates whether or not the provider, crew and aircraft you've selected meet either a basic safety standard or meet the Wyvern Standard. Those services who pass Wyvern's strict audit procedures will become Wyvern "recommended". The phrase "recommended" is the only expression that indicates the aircraft charter provider has satisfied Wyvern's greater standard.

The Air Charter Safety Foundation aims to encourage basic safety standardization all through the charter sector. The ACSF Industry Audit Standard was developed with the input and assistance of leading safety auditors, charter providers, shared aircraft ownership companies and charter customers.

One standard involves worldwide aircraft charter standards - the IS-BAO, which is short for International Standard of Business Aircraft Operations. This code of best practices was released by the International Business Aviation Council and has also been extensively followed as the gold standard for company aircraft operations. It has been approved by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) as well as multinational agencies worldwide. Audits aren't supplied by the organization, but instead by impartial, third party auditors who are certificated through the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

Be sure that the aircraft charter provider you might be considering meets at the very least one, if not more, of these standards.

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