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Aluminum Ladders Aren't Just Toys, Remember That Ladder Basic Safety Is Definitely Important

Whenever you're going to be climbing up an aluminum ladder to have a paint job or a repair made on your house, or even anyone's house for that matter, there's a lot of things you might not be thinking about. Plenty of people presume that they've got it under control when it comes to aluminum ladders as well as ladder safety. Most people aren't worried about live currents or anything like that but they also are not thinking about the correct steps that should be taken whenever you're going to be climbing up and down ladders.

Ladder safety is one of the most under-appreciated rulebooks in the world. No one thinks that simply six feet up an aluminum ladder is going to be a threat to their health. Many people never learn how to correctly use a ladder because it seems a bit self-explanatory. So here's the rub, ladder accidents are a high percentage of work related injury, and when you're talking about something that is going to put you, oh I don't know, five or ten feet maybe twenty above the ground, it is important that you are actually following the restrictions that were established to keep you safe. No there isn't a league of ladder police that are going to come hunt you down, however for your own sake, don't just by a safe ladder from Little Giant Ladders, make use of it correctly.

When you place a ladder make sure that the braces are completely flat, locked in position. Never put the feet on un-level ground. If you have a ladder with outrigger legs or feet which could tilt then you definitely have more options, but do not ever use this as an excuse to do something harmful. Don't place a ladder on top of another surface other than solid ground. Remember that making use of a ladder correctly not only protects you it protects your pride too!

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