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Article Submissions And Back-Links - Tested Techniques For Promoting Your Internet Site

The newbie search engine marketer would do well to understand the usefulness of this method in the eyes of the search engines like Google, that are responsible for ranking internet sites and getting them higher and higher in the search engine results pages, where you have greater and greater numbers of guests awaiting them on each page nearer to the first page.

The name of the game is, essentially, backlinks. To a (very) primitive first approximation, the greater backlinks you have pointing back to your personal site, the better. Of course, the seasoned search engine marketing expert would scoff at that phrase; and, rightly so: in case you have a lot of poorly-conceived links back to your site, you then run the danger of being largely disregarded by the search engines - or, in the worst-case scenario, prohibited from their index, which means that the only way somebody could arrive at your website is by keying in the actual URL. Even the beginning blogger knows you can just forget about getting a substantial number of site visitors in that manner. Therefore you need to link to higher-quality blog sites; and ideally, blogs that are connected with your content in subject area.

But; owing to the phenomenon of spam, the above strategy is losing potency. A lot of blog or website owners either won't allow commenting, will close up their blogs to commenting after a short time frame, and/or will allot a particular hypertext mark-up language tag to your comments/guest blogs called the "no follow". This enables web search engines to see your comment, but it doesn't allow them - presumably - to put it to use to bump your website up in the search rankings. This is when article promotion comes in. There are many article submission sites out there which are very highly-regarded by the search engines, and a sizable portion of them permit your backlinks to be "do follow", which is a very good thing. This fortunately takes link-building out of the hands of not surprisingly stingy blog-owners, and allows the hard-working web-blogger to judiciously write targeted article content, provided that she is willing to put in the time and effort. Marketing with articles, then, is a practice which should be embraced early on by a blogger; if she ever desires to get her website past page fifty of Google's search engine.

Last but not least, most article directory sites reward article marketing contributions to their databases by allowing two backlinks to the website of the article writer. There are some that even permit three; very few allows many more. This should never be utilized though, because web search engines frown on way too many links coming from a single article, particularly if they all point back to the exact same webpage. With just these few common rules and suggestions - be sure to try and keep your word-count above 400 per post too - marketing with articles can very well form the crux of your search engine optimization endeavors.

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