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Best Five Sightseeing Travel Places In Tuscany

There is no doubt about that Tuscany is the most interesting and breathtaking traditional location in Italy nowadays. Aesthetically speaking, Tuscany has made its worth distinguished because of its wonderful landscape, vineyards, beaches, medieval hill towns and villas across the globe. Today we are going to discuss top five travel locations in Tuscany.


Honestly speaking Florence is certainly one of the most popular art centers in the world at this time. Simply Florence has made its worth distinguished because of Duomo and Baptistery all over the world. You will find out superb art galleries, museums, paintings and sculptures in the city. The Medici palaces are very popular there. There are royal and peaceful gardens in Florence also.


Honestly speaking Siena is undoubtedly the most popular medieval hill towns in Tuscany nowadays. Siena has made its worth renowned because of Piazza del Campo and II Palio. There is a fantastic and huge looking bell tower there. It is typically called Torre Del Mangia. Today Siena is well known because of its cathedral and museums globally.


The Pisa is situated in Northern Tuscany. This place is well known due to its leaning tower, magnificent center, Duomo and Baptistery around the world. There are wonderful picnic parks, statues and sculptures there. Pisa is called as the home of Lord Byron and also Shelley these days.


This is popularly known as the walled city in Italy nowadays. Lucca is well known because of its preserved towers, walls and cultural center. There are wonderful restaurants and hotels there.


This is basically called the Tuscan hill town worldwide. Cortona is well known because of its Etruscan walls. This city has huge architectural structures, buildings and sculptures.

Furthermore, there are many other types of famous places in Tuscany. One of them is named as San Gimignano. This is popularly known as the city of lovely towers. Besides that everyone must be familiar with Chianti Classico wine area. This is the most fabulous and unforgettable vineyard in Tuscany. This place will show a lovely scene of a traditional village, wineries and landscape.

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Tuscany is undoubtedly the most lovely places in Italy. It is spread over 23,000 sq kilo meters. This town has a population of approximately 3.75 million folks. The local capital of Tuscany is Florence, Italy.

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