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Blinds In A Home Always Look Perfect Up At The Windows But Have You Noticed Their Practical Features Too?

You may head into your local window blinds shop and fall for a particular design, color or texture of blind and think that that will suit you right throughout your home.

Design-wise you can well be right, but stop to consider which way your house faces therefore where you will get the morning/afternoon sunshine.

Depending on these facts you may want to obtain different kinds of blinds for each room.

For example, I get the very early morning sun in my lounge.

This suits me if I rise early every morning and do my yoga exercise in the lounge. If you know a little about yoga then you may be aware of the sun salutation movements which can be obviously best practiced in sight of the sun.

In my lounge I have a full length window/door. I chose to have a vertical blind here as in the morning I can pull it fully over to one side giving me the full benefits of the sun.

However, by the point everyone else has risen and wants to watch the morning news etc I can drag the blind back across and angle the slats to ensure that the sun does not reflect in the television screen.

If I had a roller blind or dare I say it, window curtains, then I would not be able to use my lounge to its best advantage.

I live in a Georgian Townhouse and my washroom was originally a fourth bedroom. The view from the window is among tress and rolling hills in the background and so I did not want to lose it. Replacing the window with frosted glass just was not an alternative. However, we also needed privacy, especially as the toilet is quite adjacent the window!

I decided to enhance the bathroom in a 30's utility-style and therefore chose a venetian blind for both practical or style reasons.

Venetian blinds have easy wipe clean slats and best of all the blind is so versatile.

When the washroom is in use, we can quickly close the slats for security.

The rest of the time the slats are opened to let the daylight in or it is pulled up completely so that we can all still view the beautiful view.

It is quite lovely, brushing our teeth, washing our hands or only cleaning the room whilst still being able to benefit from owning a room with a view!

So, feel free to go into your local window blinds shop and fall in love with a shade or design but make sure that you make an appointment for a representative to come out to your place with their sample books.

There will not be any charge for this.

Once somebody walks around your home with you and understands how you use each room they will be able to help you get the right choices.

You can choose from roller blinds, venetian blinds, Roman blinds, Panel blinds and perfect-fit blinds to name a few. The listing is endless.

Blinds definitely have the edge over curtains, don't you think?

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