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Don't Place Yourself In Danger - Securing Wireless Network Connections Is Essential

Many people never get around to securing wireless network connections inside our home, this is insane. You don't leave your car keys in the car or your credit card number in your front door so why do you want to give other people access to your computer.

It is easy to believe that we are safe using a personal computer because we are constantly being advised by financial institutions and other institutions that they have the best possible security. That might be the case, but what if the weak spot isn't with their system but with ours?

If you order on the web then you are constantly sending some info regarding yourself to other people. Imagine if someone followed all your online actions for a time period, they could pull together lots of information about you; your banks, your service providers, where you shop and the time you are least likely to be at home.

There are very simple steps which you could take to ensure that you are a lot safer.

Firstly you have to examine your router or access point. Most of these are made with password, this password is required to modify or change any of the configuration settings. You are very unlikely to be utilizing this often so after getting your WLAN up and running you most likely never gave it another thought. Many manufacturers will use a basic password such as 'password' or the manufacturers brand when they build these. Your first step in securing wireless network connections is to replace this with an alphanumeric password. Since you would not be using it too often it is probably best to keep a note of this somewhere.

When picking your encryption where possible it's ideal to always select a WAP option rather than a WEP one as the WAP is considerably more powerful. If no WAP is available then make sure that you have at the least enabled the WEP.

An excellent place to check if you have maximised your security setting is to revert to the internet page of the manufacturer of your router. Looking at the FAQ and set up information will guide you through the various options.

When you have never previously reviewed your router and WLAN settings now is a good time to get moving on it. securing wireless network connections is a vital part of protecting your identity and the safety of your financial investments.

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