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Find Out About Separation Anxiety In Kids

While separation anxiety disorder could affect people of all ages it's more prominent in kids. Kids usually exhibit signs of separation anxiety disorder when they are separated from familiar surroundings and familiar individuals. Separation anxiety in children is therefore more prevalent and the majority of kids will experience some extent of this condition at some point in time but if the symptoms become serious they may actually have a problem that's of more concern than usual separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety disorder is evident in the following situations:

- Recurring distress when separated from a certain person in their life like a mother, dad, or even partner.

- Constant or obsessive worrying concerning losing the person they are attached to.

- Constant worrying regarding some event that might occur to separate them from the individual they're attached to.

- Excessive fear about being left on their own without the subject of their attachment.

- Reluctance about going to sleep unless their attachment is nearby.

- Having nightmares about being separated from that individual.

There are some youngsters who suffer from separation anxiety disorder who also experience attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, and panic disorder.

Separation anxiety is a common event for children, especially those whose parents must leave them to go to work or perhaps when they start school and are far from their parents. This isn't the same as separation anxiety disorder. With separation anxiety disorder the condition becomes obsessive or compulsive. The reaction to particular events is much stronger than normal separation anxiety. The child having separation anxiety disorder might exhibit continuous crying, shyness, silence, or an unwillingness to interact with other people.

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