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Find Out About The Widely Experienced Signs Of Lupus Disease

Besides the most common symptoms of lupus, this autoimmune disease can at times lead to kidney affections just like nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys), interfering in the process of excretion and determining the accumulation of contaminants inside the body. Lupus patients who also suffer from kidney problems typically need powerful medications in order to prevent the occurrence of severe complications.

Lupus symptoms in women are the same as in men and in many cases, lupus affects the circulatory system of the body, triggering swelling of the blood vessels (vasculitis), anemia or perhaps leucopenia (decrease in red and white blood cells). Anemia is indeed among the common symptoms of lupus. Lupus could also lead to the occurrence of thrombocytopenia, a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood, problem which intervenes in the process of blood coagulation, increasing the chance of bleeding.

When lupus affects the central nervous system, the most common symptoms are dizziness, headaches, temporary loss of memory, decreased vision, or neuropsychological conditions, just like depression or unpredictable behavioral changes. Some of these previously mentioned signs aren't solely caused by lupus; often they occur because of emotional stress and also extended lupus medication. The majority of these symptoms could be reversed by interrupting the treatment or reducing the dose of medication.

At pulmonary level, patients having lupus might suffer from the swelling of the interior lining of the chest, a condition that causes obvious discomfort and pain, especially when taking deep breaths. Patients having lupus are likewise extremely susceptible of developing pneumonia. At coronary level, patients with lupus might suffer from the inflammation of the arteries that deliver blood to the heart, inflammation of the heart itself and also swelling of the heart protective membrane. When discovered in time, the implications of lupus at coronary level can be effectively reversed with medical treatment.

The Right Management And Treatment Options For Lupus Disease
These days, physicians are using numerous drugs as treatment for lupus -- which range in capability from mild to extremely powerful. It is not unusual for the prescribed medicines to vary within a person's life span with lupus.

Are There Any Established Causes Of Lupus Illness?
Even though there is a huge amount of ongoing research concerning lupus causes, at this point there are no definite identifications of a particular cause has been made. There are numerous factors that are found to bring about the development and progression of this disease.

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