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Find Out More About Silver Coating

Germs have always been an issue for people ever since humanity came into being. Nearly all kind of famous disease transpires because of the germs found in the environment. People do whatever they can to avoid the destructive germs in their houses and keep their family and loved ones safe by using sanitizers etc.

A new technique in paint manufacturing can actually help people in creating their homes germ free. Not just homes, any surface whereby such paints will be used can become practically germ free surfaces. Paint analysts have made a type of paint that has silver coating nanoparticles in it. It has been scientifically proven that surfaces that have silver coating ward off germs. That is why every medical and surgical instruments undergo the process of silver coating.

The silver nanoparticles which are being added in paints have been proven to exterminate bacteria as well as other kinds of germs. Such kind of paints will be very useful in coating the hospital surfaces and countertops to avoid bacterial growth. It has been confirmed by the CDC or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that nearly more than a million people contract diseases through hospitals every year. The silver coating in itself is an excellent bacteria killer and silver nanopartcles in theory are ideal in battling the minutest kind of microbes. With all of the experiments that have been done, this silver coating hasn't shown any side effects on human health.

Some researchers aren't so amused about using silver nanoparticles in paints and insist that not enough research has been executed. According to these researchers, the silver in these paints eliminates good and even bad microorganism and this might have a bad effect in the future. These researchers have also said that there should be a level of restriction that specifies the quantity of silver nanoparticles to be used in such products.

Many researchers have proven this silver coating of paint on E. Coli as well as other forms of bacteria. The experiment consisted of a glass surface together with a coat of paint on it. The surface with the paint displayed no bacterial growth and the surface area without the silver coating paint had bacterial development present on it. These researches has also shown that bacteria can not form a resistance against the action of silver present in such paints and thus, such paints will forever kill the bacteria found around it. The size of the silver coating nanoparticles also has to be viewed as changing the size changes the shade of the paint.

Today a lot of research is being carried out to see if such paints have any side effects on human health. They also have to see the time duration such paints can retain their bacteria killing attributes. Present results suggest that the time period is of three-years but with more research this time duration may also be increased. Most people are still uncomfortable with using specialty coatings such as silver based products but in years to come, such paints will be certainly made available to the consumer market.

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