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Finding Cocktail Glasses For Your Home Bar

Many people have the passion for collecting various types of wine glasses. From the simplest wine glasses to tall tumblers, individuals love to treat themselves with a vast collection of these glasses. Nonetheless, this collection is thought to be unfinished in the event you do not include cocktail glasses as part of your collection.

Essentially cocktail glasses are stemmed glasses which have a cone shaped bowl placed upon a stem over a flat base. As the name implies, these types of glasses are primarily used in serving cocktail drinks. The martini glass is one particular glass that has earned the applause of people all over the world. The special feature of this particular glass lies in its extensive bowl and strong stem which prevents exchange of heat from one's body to the bowl and as a result causes it to be warm.

Cocktail glasses are almost always a favorite with bartenders simply because their broad brims enable them to emphasize the garnishing done in the presentation. Actually it's this expansive bowl that makes certain that all the components used in the presentation don't get scattered away. Dependant on the shapes of these glasses they are generally classified as follows:

1. Cocktail glass: A stemmed V shaped, straight side bowl glass which has the capacity of carrying 5 or more fluid ounces.

2. Rock glass: Also known as a whiskey glass, this is a traditional glass that includes a flat bottom, sloping sides and offers the capacity of holding around 16 fluid ounces.

3. High ball glass: Ideal for white wine, it is a long stemmed glass with a tulip shaped bowl that's ideal for serving champagne and also champagne based cocktails.

4. Brandy glass: These are generally short stemmed glasses using a round bowl making them perfect for serving brandy. Depending upon their holding capacity they're available in many sizes.

Garnishing plays a major part in the presentation and serving cocktails is no exception to that fact. So apart from cocktail glasses, selecting the right type of cocktail decorating accessories is also quite important. A number of the popular garnishes and products that go together with cocktails are cocktail straws, sticks, olives, maraschino cherries, lemons, oranges, nutmeg, cinnamon, mint, cucumber, pearl onions, caster sugar and fine salt. Historically people have been using these with slight variations for a long time.

The choice of cocktail glass is every bit as critical as the drink itself since these types of glasses are not just pleasant to look at but additionally improve your drinking experience. So the next time you visit a shop to purchase glasses for your collection, be sure you pick an excellent cocktail glass.

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