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Have To Get Somebody Out Of Jail? Have A Friend Or Loved One Arrested In The Tampa Bay Area?

Should You make use of a bail bonds company?

If you don't have all the funds required to pay for the entire bail amount, you would want to utilize one of our licensed bondsmen to get you or a loved one released form jail.

As mentioned earlier, a cash bond is not generally the best solution. Should you be bonding / bailing somebody out of their jail cell and you don't want to take the chance that all or a part of your money will be employed to fulfill the defendant's court penalties, fees and restitution, you must consider employing one of our certified bail agents.

Exactly how much will a signature bail bond cost me?

A signature bail bond in Florida will cost a 10% fee or premium. You can not get any of the fee back as it is non-refundable. A bail bond premium, fixed by the bondsmen or their insurance provider typically cost 10% of the whole bail amount. Take note: in Florida the smallest bail bond fee is $100 per charge.

For example: a $5000 bail (single charge) might cost a total of $500.

But a $500 bail (single charge) would amount to $100

Just how do I post a bail bond to bail someone out of jail?

If your individual is in the Tampa Bay Area or any of the neighboring Towns in Florida, contact us at 813 419 2688. One of our certified bail bondsmen will walk you through the complete bail bond process and ensure your friend or loved one is released As soon as possible.

If I'm a cosigner, what will I need to do?

Should the accused misses a court appearance, you might need to assist the Bondsmen in locating the defendant, pay the bondmen for their expenditures of finding the offender, and to pay the complete amount of the bail bond in the event the offender cannot be found.

When I utilize a bail bondsman to post a signature bail bond, will I get my bonding fee and collateral back?

The bondsman's 10% fee or premium is not refundable. Your collateral will be returned once the defendant is done with all their court dates. The greatest advantage of utilizing bondsmen to bail someone out of jail is that you will only need to spend 10% of the full bail amount.

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