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History Of Making Hollow Glass

Accessories, ornaments for a room and art work are all linked with the use of hollow glass. The process of making hollow glass is one that has been well-known for centuries. The products of hollow glass have been regarded as a luxury item, especially because of the look, texture and exclusive color that is related to this. When searching for the history of hollow glass, it can be noticed that it has always been a part of the luxurious looks that are in different cultures and nations.

Glass was initially known in society during the reign of the early Romans between the period of 23 - 79 AD. During this period, merchants were known to find out glass by keeping cooking pots on different blocks of nitrate. When the cooking pots had fire added to it, the consistency of the nitrate would melt and become a liquid, which would then solidify in the form of glass. This was then the discovery of man - made glass, which was firstly observed in Egypt and Mesopotamia in 3500 BC. Pots and vases were first created with this discovery by using a mix of sand in ceramics for a thicker and clearer texture such as ceramic tile.

The acceptance of glass grew with those in Egypt making it as a part of the business of the territory. After 1500 BC, Egypt was known to use hollow glass, which was done by making a mould or framework first. The mixture of sand and ceramics were then liquefied to form around the mould to create the hollow glass. The mould would then be rolled on a slab of stone which would even out the main texture and was then completed by adding paintings or designs.

The building of hollow glass into the modern time frame has led into the concept of glass blowing. This practice started in Rome around 100 AD. During this time, glass was becoming more popular with stained glass and artworks that added in the substance of glass. Glass blowing followed this with using heat to make the hollow structure. This was done especially for ornate architecture in the time frame and grew from the basic glass works into the clear glass that is utilized today.

The potential to use hollow glass with different processes is one which continues to grow from the research of history. The different uses of glass making are identified through history because of the materials used and the texture which is created. The invention of glass has come from the changing into liquids as well as the ultimate change into a clear material used for art, crafts and other luxurious type materials that led to the creation of hollow glass.

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