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How To Make Original Animal Paintings

Drawing is a humorous way to express the sentiments or thoughts. However, this way may be used to bring out innovative ideas and thoughts. It all depends on the drawing expert how much he or she is interested in their drawing and how much they know their target objects. No matter which object you will draw on the paper but awareness about that object is necessary. Even if you are planning to draw animals then the most important thing is that how much you know that animal, its gestures and other similar information. If you think that drawing is possible without even knowing all such issues then it may be but you will never get the real touch or natural tone in your sketching with lack of information about drawing objects such as how to draw animals.

How to make natural animal drawings?

Animals are nice as they are innocent. Different people like to draw different pets that they usually like in their life. There are numerous pets that can be drawn with ease such as cats, monkeys, rabbits and many more others. Better is that you begin learning how to draw animals with one that you really like the most. For instance, if you like cats then considering Tom and Jerry cartoon can help you in drawing cats. Always begin with drawing the face and head of a kitty. It will require you to analyze the shape and face structure of a cat. Then you can carry on with facial expressions and different facial parts for example eyes, nose, face cut, lips etc. Eyes are very important to be drawn well as mostly pets and even humans are distinguished with the shape, size and color of their eyes. So, drawing the eyes with natural tone can bring real power in your animal drawing. You can expend the eye size or shape it differently. For this method, if you put a cat picture in front of you then you can draw each of its features easily. Even a live cat can be used for its drawing. However, it will move so you may not capture the still gestures. Now, you may carry on with the nose and other facial parts of a cat or any other pet you are drawing. Now move towards other parts of its body and finish it by filling in the natural colors to add a natural tone in it. This is the best and plain way that allow you learning how to draw animals with natural tones.

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