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How You Can Keep Your Network Marketing Business Focus When Stuff Happens

These are typically all focus traps. If you do not plan ahead they can suck the life out of your business focus. As an example, you plan to making your 3 calls again. After this you go on vacation and lose the habit. When you return, you are so behind on everything that you don't pick up where you left off and within days you sense like you have actually zero willpower. You start the self-blame game rather than identifying the true cause insufficient planning.

Listed here are four ways to be sure this doesn't happen:

Plan for interruptions. Just like an automatic sprinkler system with "rain days," you must have a contingency in your business strategy. You might want to prepare yourself, and have it written down... What you will do in the case of illness, vacations, out-of-town guests, holidays, weather disasters, or whatever. These disruptions are often predictable, so think in advance about how you are going to adapt and handle the contacts and conference calls.

Manipulate your goals. The first thing you may want to adjust is your numbers. If, for instance, you're calling 3 people from your contact list every day, you may need to revise that goal if you are on vacation and challenge yourself to talk to strangers at gas stations or individual in motel lobbies about Xyngular.

You may actually make more contacts when you're traveling because you have fewer distractions. However, when these interruptions make it harder for you to cause progress on your own goals, be realistic and adjust the goals. It can be better to take 50 percent of your quota and also reach it than it is to aim for 100 percent and get discouraged.

Create special new habits. Many times, you'll need to adapt your essential activities to the new situations. For example, in case you are indoors with laryngitis, spend that time to recover catching up on all your Facebook or email contacting and promise to follow-up by phone the following week when you feel great.

Rethink your associations. New situations often take you away from your conference calls, team gatherings, and accountability partners who keep you on track. For example, in case you are going to a remote place on a vacation or cruise, you might not have access to email or a cell phone. You could have twenty-four hour buffets on a cruise ship or non-stop activities on vacation.

Before you fall into non-helpful associations, do your foremost to predict what the non-supportive landscape will look like and build your plan to offset it. For instance, you may want to choose your meal plan and who you'll be eating with before you enter in the dining room. Or, you might have a goal find someone enthusiastic on the ship who shares your excitement about Network Marketing.

We have to learn to not be "victims" of our existing associations, but rather like "scientists" who accept the reality that your associations WILL have an effect on you. All you can do is understand that they will and make a plan to help them work in your favor. When stuff happens, you may bet your associations have changed. The wisest thing to do is recognize quickly effect of such changes and proactively address them in your own best interests. I hope these suggestions help you turn your interruptions into useful data. Setbacks are inevitable on the path to success, but giving in to negative thinking and associations is totally up to you. If things aren't working, the problem isn't you, it's your system. Learn what you need to learn from your existing interruption and the next one will go much better.

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