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Included Are Comprehensive Marketing Campaigns, With Ready-made Advertising Collateral, For 125 Different Categories Of Business

This venture was formed to help small businesses avoid imminent failure. I wanted to provide the ingredients to always keep a business living and well. I perform business CPR, which is Cash-Producing Resuscitation - procedures to maximize cash flow immediately. Cash flow is the vital nutrition system of an enterprise.

The key to cash flow revival (CPR) is more air flow - sales - because of sound, solid, expert marketing. During the last 20 years, the communication and social media technologies have changed dramatically. Many businesses still won't let go of the old bygone marketing channels and tactics - TV, Radio and Newspaper Ads. Whereas these even now work for bigger businesses, they are extravagant ways to render a cash-starved small business the financial nutrition they desperately need. Recent advanced media calls for dramatically unique small business marketing strategies.

The most common reason for small business fatality is similar to hypothermia - a condition in which a severe frigid environment causes the owner to drop off to sleep and not wake up, having frozen to death. The main reason this is so typical is that the owner assures all around them that he or she is okay, feel good, not freezing, just a little worn out and the businessperson goes to sleep. And while he/she is asleep the harsh economic conditions overtakes him/her one or two degrees day by day until his business systems just can't operate any longer and he/she is gone.

911 is a call for help.

My 3 websites are intended to reply to 3 different types of 911 requests from businesses - traditional and web based and vital support for new start-ups - pre-launch or post. These sites are e-learning systems to supply a complete marketing transformation at a tempo and complexity determined by every different business proprietor. - proven effective to massively boost cash flow immediately is a proven step-by-step road-map for exponentially marketing your company online. provides the solution to the start-up's single most significant problem: 10 tried legitimate solutions to raise capital and grow cash flow fast

Within these three online e-learning academies are all the means a small business owner would need for a complete profit makeover, from marketing strategy and tactics to income maximization to speedy cash-flow turnaround. Included are complete marketing campaigns, with ready-made advertising collateral, for 125 different kinds of business.

This project was 3 years in the making at a cost of greater than $1M. Apply it as business expertise in a medicine jar. Its powerful intervention for a dying business.

YouTube View Increaser - An Invaluable Video Marketing Tool
Making your videos show at the number one spot of video search results will make heads turn and get eyes on your video. It encourages individuals to talk about you. It is certainly a good choice in add a YouTube view increaser to your advertising and marketing campaign.

The Residual Income Model Versus The Traditional Income Model
Not many people are aware of the residual income model and what it can do to actually help them improve the value of their lives.

Press Announcements - How Newsworthy Tales Could Get Your Website Traffic
Apart from content articles, press releases - statements traditionally delivered to the news media - are a fantastic way to deliver your important message.

Learn About Today's Top MLM Company Xyngular
Xyngular Corporation started on December 1, 2009, with Mr. Marc Walker, the former Vice President of International Operations for Xango. The corporation is based in American Fork Utah.

Local Marketing Services To Get To The Customers Easily
Local marketing services make sure a company's exposure to its local customers. This helps strengthen a company significantly and increase its profitability.

The Many Benefits To Your Business Of Direct Mail Services
Direct mail services can be a quite affordable answer for business owners who want to substantially improve sales and grow their dedicated customer base.

Utilizing Smart Business Email Marketing Software To Raise Customers And Earnings
As an outcome of the recent difficult economy, more marketers are looking for cost effective methods to reach prospects and clients. As email activity and competition grows, the need to plan, create and maintain smart campaigns with a successful email marketing SYSTEM becomes even more important.