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Kettlebell Workouts Require The Proper Equipment

Kettlebell workouts are a good way to get physically fit. However, before you visit the store to buy equipment, you must know that there are numerous varieties of this equipment based on type, design, and weight. There are professional grade steel and standard cast iron types. Competition kettlebells have the same size whatever the weight happens to be. Take into account that the lighter weights are made to be empty in order to make up the size. In addition to that, this type of kettleball has an exposed steel finish which moves better in your hands during the workout. That is imperative for serious lifts such as the jerk.

On the other hand, standard kettlebells are made from solid cast iron which makes the heavier bells also larger than other ones. This type features a painted finish while the metal isn't as even as the other kind. Furthermore, the hand contour, thickness and width may be different between sizes and between suppliers too.

How will you recognize what weight of equipment to buy? Ideally, three weights are recommended for swing, press and jerk. The heaviest weight is utilized for the swing, the lightest weight is meant for the press and the medium weight is recommended for the jerk.

Men and women with below average levels of fitness or beginners may use weights of 12 kg to 16 kg and 8 kg to 12 kg, respectively. Those with average levels of fitness could work with the weights at 16 kg to 20 kg for males or 12 kg to 16 kg for women. Furthermore, for individuals with good fitness levels, men can get weights at 20 kg to 24 kg and at 16 kg to 20 kg at most for women.

The key benefits of kettlebell workouts include the following:

1. It will only take 20 to 30 minutes of your time to finish the exercises.

2. This routine is excellent for fat loss, muscle gain and build up, and also to improve strength and athleticism.

3. These workouts build power, strength, endurance and stamina all at the same time.

4. They offer powerful vigor to give you a complete and total body workout.

5. It's a cool thing to do.

6. You can do them in your own home. There is no need to drop by the gym.

Which are the muscles targeted with kettlebell workouts? All the muscles are targeted. The Advanced Windmill targets the abdominals while alternating floor press and also the extended range one-arm floor press focuses on the chest. Your shoulders are focused by alternating the hang clean and double push press and the alternating kettlebell press. For your middle back, perform the alternating renegade row. For your abdominal muscles and forearm, perform the bent press and bottoms-up clean with the hang position, respectively. Quadriceps are targeted with front squats using two kettlebells.

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