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Learn How To Sketch Kittens And Dogs Step By Step

Pets are the best source for your satisfaction, relaxation and comfort. There are many kinds of pet animals. Kittens and puppies are the most lovable animals. These pet animals are the very best source for your comfort and enjoyment. These pets appear in different types of shapes, styles, sizes and colors. Black cats and black puppies are the most famous animal's kinds.

Lots of people like to paintings of the kittens and puppies. There are different types of pet dog and cat's pictures for the people available on the market. These paintings appear in elegant, natural and creative way for the children and teenagers. There are numerous ways through which an artist can sketch animals on a sketching paper.

Stage 1

Firstly you should immediately learn how to draw the heads of the puppies and pet cats on your drawing papers in a very creative and stylish way. The head covers all those features that are considered important lethal for your animal sketching for example mouth, ear, nose, forehead, lips and cheek. You must learn how to draw these features on a high quality drawing paper.

You should use quality sharpener and eraser while drawing cats and dogs on a quality sketching paper. Break the drawing into two parts: kitten and puppy. First half of paper should cover the cat sketching while the rest should cover the dog sketching. If not one high quality drawing paper should cover the puppy sketch while the second quality drawing paper should illustrate the cat sketch. Remember both the pictures should be realistic, original and 100% artistic.

Stage 2

Secondly you must remember the significance of drawing the eyes and eyebrows in a new and genuine style. Do not draw fake pictures. Rather you should stick to the basics of drawing and artwork. This way object art can be a helpful trick for you to learn how to draw animals in a good and innovative way.

For Instance

The eyes and eyebrows of the puppies and kittens should reveal the impressions, feelings, thoughts, happiness and aggression of the animals. Generally cats and dogs are very lovable and peaceful pet. So you need to draw a peaceful image of both these pictures.

Stage 3

Draw the lower limbs of the cats and dogs in an easy way. Do not mix up the things because innovation belongs to the simplicity and simplicity is your creative thought. Draw the dog and cat's legs and hair in simple and colorful way. Draw the tongue, throat and teeth of the animals in an original way. Consider the teeth of the cats and dogs should be drawn in a sharp way. Remaining you could draw nails of these pets.

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