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Learn How To Use The Full Size Storage Bed To Create A Designer Room

The full size storage bed is an excellent way to furnish your guest room. It really is great that we now have a lot of magazines to give us tips about interior design, but actually recreating a few of these looks can be challenging. Nevertheless, with a little bit of imagination and a few changes you can achieve anything!

Let's do a rapid analysis of the images we see in the magazines. Firstly, there is always a dynamism relating to the room in your home. It is usually created in one of two ways; either through clean bold lines or via vibrant colours. This is one way the overall impression is created, but if you want to recreate a room you are required to look at the detail also.

Open up the magazine again and you can notice that everything you can see is there for a reason; to accessorise, to compliment or to accentuate. So where are all the minor things we actually need to live from day to day? The chances are that the people in these magazines really have more space than you. Even if you are searching at the design of a yacht, they possibly still have a rather large pad somewhere which has plenty of storage.

So the first thing you need to do when furnishing a room is look at the storage; hence my belief that each and every guest room should have a full size storage bed! In fact, I would even go as far as saying that every bedroom needs a storage bed, but lets stick with the full size as well as guest room combination currently.

Why opt for a full not single bed? If you want to create a stylish room the single can be a difficult size. Let's suppose that you are choosing a very ordinary design and want to use the bed to create the colour and comfort. If you only have a single bed the bedding will look more like a splodge of colour compared to a statement. Also at most it will be possible to put two square cushions on the bed, and these will possibly look crammed together. However, go up a bed size and your colour will be better shown, and your two cushions will have space between them and actually make the bed and the room appear bigger. Obviously if you have space for a queen or king, why not go for it? But before you go out and buy the biggest bed you may fit in your room, consider the storage.

There are two standard designs for under bed storage. The first is drawers which pull out from the sides. If you are going for these then be sure to actually have the space to be able to open the drawers. The second has recently been popularised by the platform bed; this is where the mattress and support lift up to reveal a big storage space underneath. These work best with the foam mattresses as they are lighter in weight and memory foam is perfect for a solid wooden mattress support.

If you decide you are going to be designing your guest room to be actually stunning the two things to remember is that a single bed is a little too small to create a real statement. Secondly, be sure to maximise your storage so that you too will surely have a room which keeps out of sight the items which are essential to life, but non essential to interior design. Hence my love of the full size storage bed for medium sized guest rooms.

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