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Learn More Information About How To Efficiently Use The Chef's Choice Knife Sharpener

Chef's Choice has specialized in electric knife sharpeners for professional and home kitchens. With Chef's Choice knife sharpener, the edge of your kitchen knife can be sharpened in just 15 to 30 seconds, and you can save your time and money by simply not having to send your knives to be sharpened by a professional. The Chef's Choice knife sharpener diamond coated and polishing disks motorize with precision to help your knives appear like new.

Have a look at your cutting knife which you need to sharpen under bright lighting to find any nicks or dullness. Make certain the knife needs sharpening before having it through Chef's Choice knife sharpener. Sharpening a chef's knife which is in good condition could wear the edge of the blade too thin.

Insert the knife in to the pre-sharpening slot in order to grind the edges of the tip of the chef's knife. Gently turn the cutting knife each and every two seconds to grind the sides of the tip.

Pull the whole knife through the pre-sharpener slowly at first and repeat pulling it through the knife sharpener much faster each and every time. Depending on the dullness of the knife it is best to only have to pass it through the pre-sharpener about five to seven times.

Pull the chef's knife through the sharpener with the diamond coated disks to finish the sharpening procedure. Take the knife through the sharpener away from your body and catch all edges and sides like you did with the pre-sharpener. You should just need to pull the chef's knife through the primary sharpener 1-3 times, depending on the dullness of your knife.

Place the knife in the polisher slot and slowly take the chef's knife through the slot until it is as shiny as you desire. Examine your knife once again in bright light to be certain that you have removed the nicks and wear that has been originally on the chef's knife.

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