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Lies You May Have Heard About Fire Sprinkler Systems

People keep away from having the appropriate fire sprinkler systems set up in their residential homes due to many misconceptions that have come up over time. No one credits the ability of a home sprinkler system to really protect family and property like they should. Understand these fire sprinkler myths that won't hold water.

- "If I have a fire sprinkler system fitted I'll must pay for constant maintenance": Not true, once installed properly a fire sprinkler system can in fact lie virtually dormant until needed. If truth be told, fire sprinkler systems just have to be flushed possibly once in 20 years or something like that.

- "Fire sprinkler systems unintentionally go off and ruin property": This is an experience that hardly occurs. What does happen is that a lot of people don't understand how fire sprinkler systems work. The system of pipes that hold water to sprinkler heads are linked to the sprinkler however are plugged by a small glass piece. When head is introduced to the sprinkler the glass plug will explode and the water will spill out. In many cases if the fire is only directly under one sprinkler only that one will set out. With no the introduction of heat systems don't set off and rarely leak.

- "Smoke alarms set off sprinklers which is wasteful in domestic residences": Its also totally untrue. These two systems are separate, one is operated by a small computer monitor. The other one is totally practical which means it can only be set off by the physical trigger, and there are handful of reports of these sprinklers being set out accidentally.

The practicality of it all, is that sprinkler systems are very well worth the time and expenses involved in getting them fitted. Realistically, fire protection equipment, like that provided by Chaparral Fire Protection of St. George, UT, is fairly economical and has preserved hundreds of lives. For information about how precisely sprinkler systems function and a lot more check out

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