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Life Long Tooth Whitening Service For New Patients

Copper Ridge Dental is the dentist West Jordan can be confident in with as much as sixty years of experience in between the doctors Webb and Zimmerman. These two doctors having been existing for for a long time with a great deal of experience have certainty that the services they offer will be exactly what you and your family are looking for. They are devoted to giving you quality artistic dentistry, which is something many dentists can't provide. Presently they are offering a wonderful deal to their new patients teeth whitening service West Jordan for a lifetime! Trained in everything from dental implants West Jordan to being the best cosmetic dentist West Jordan has ever have these two doctors have plenty to offer.

Doctors Webb and Zimmerman work hard to educate their patients on good health and also every step they plan to take in their procedures. You are comfortable and in control when you are in the dentist's chair at Copper Ridge Dental. That being said, in case you're going to be a new patient, and get your free whitenings for life, here's a break down of what happens in a pro whitening.

These steps are generic, they follow the simple procedures used to make sure that a smile is cosmetically perfected. A dentist will determine which steps and how long each will be obligated:

- Teeth first have to be polished to take away all the plaque, they use a gritty sand paper sort of substance that is basically a stone.

- Using gauze to hold back the saliva and keep teeth dry during the procedure, barriers are placed in to keep the gums far from the chemicals that are used for the whitening, which can hurt them.

- Teeth are coated with whitening agents, usually a solution of peroxides. Light UV rays or lasers are being used as a catalyst for the peroxide. Then the agent is washed off. The whole procedure can take between 45 mins and an hour. It all relies on the results you want.

Check out Copper Ridge Dental West Jordan today and set yourself up for life long pearly whites!

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