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Logitech Harmony Remote - A Few Qualities Of The Harmony 900 Remote

A Logitech Harmony remote is a special bit of technology that allows you to do many things, and while there are numerous models available, this article will discuss three key features of the Harmony 900 remote. This is probably among the best remotes they have designed, however you might want to know how it differs and why it is an improved version of the rest.

1. Radio Frequency Technology: With RF wireless technology, you can say goodbye to clutter, having to point to a machine and say hello to complete control. Many of the remotes you have don't work through cabinet doors or closet walls, however the 900 does and allows you to control gadgets that are up to 100 feet away; and you don't even have to aim the remote! You might think that RF technology is simply too difficult to set-up, but Logitech has made even that straightforward and the RF system that is included with this remote control is very simple to set up.

2. Replaces Up to 15 Remotes: As explained above, the Harmony 900 allows you to get rid of all of the mess of having a bunch of remotes. You can control as much as 15 devices with this one remote, including Betamax, Blu-Ray players, VCRs and DVD devices, as well as MP3 players and home stereos. This remote offers the world's biggest online A/V control database and supports more than 225,000 home entertainment elements from over 5,000 brands. That is a huge range that sets Logitech apart from many of the other universal remote control brands. So if you have a household full of numerous brands of electronics you don't need to worry, it is more than likely that this small remote can handle it.

3. Full Color One-Touch Touch-Screen: Most remote controls make you follow a patter of sequence to get to what you need to control, but with this remote it is a simple one-touch system, so that you can easily access TV, DVD's or Music with just one touch. You can even preset your favorite TV channels to make things even easier. The entire color screen is an excellent feature as well, making it very easy to figure out what you want so you can get it faster than before.

Above you learned more about the Logitech Harmony remote control, primarily the three key features of the Harmony 900 remote. It has RF or Radio Frequency technology that allows you to bypass direction and obstructions so you can always access the electronics you need to. It replaces 15 remotes so that you can simplify your life and get rid of all of the other remotes in your home, and it offers a cool full color one-touch display so you can turn on what you would like fast and easy; from music, TV to DVD's all you need is one button.

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