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Low Platform Bed - Good Reasons To Think About Getting These

What most people do not realize is that a low platform bed can give the same level of support to the mattress you sleep at each night as a regular box spring bed base can. The good thing about these kinds of beds is not only do they look much nicer but they actually cost far less to purchase.

The first thing of course you will easily see when you search online for low platform beds is that they are placed a lot closer to the floor. In most cases the very base of the bed on which the mattress then fits is about 2 to 5 inches less than the height of standard bed base. So if you were to actually fall out of it, you will realize that there is less chance of you doing harm to yourself because you aren't falling those additional few inches that results in a mattress being set upon a box spring base.

Besides helping to reduce the risk of getting hurt there are other advantages to be gained from getting this type of bed for your home over the more traditional models. As you will find with this type of bed you have a much larger variety of colors and designs to pick from.

So finding one that matches the rest of the room's decoration won't prove an issue. This in turn means that you don't have to waste even more money on fully redecorating the room. The only thing you will need to do is properly buy new set of bedding for it.

Of course the actual reason as already stated above is that these sorts of beds because they need not use a spring box base to provide the mattress with support cost a lot less. On average a high quality low platform bed will cost between $200 to $700 less than the conventional style beds that most people want to have. Then after all the money you have saved on this buy can be used for other items such as buying furniture to match it or to pay for a weekend away.

Most people when buying a low platform bed are opting for the Japanese design ones as these are very simple in design and use colours that are complementary to other pieces of even more conventional style furniture. Plus they usually come with wide side supports that will further protect you from falling out of the bed should you really move around a great deal.

However when it comes to buying a low platform bed it is not a bad idea to try a number of different kinds out. This way you can not only get a feel for the ones that you feel pleasant lying on but also which will go with the room in which they are going to be put. Remember at the end of the day you require a bed that will help to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room where placed so ensuring that you get a great night's sleep.

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