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Magnificent Trips To Eurodisney

Coach trips to Disneyland Paris are incredibly popular at the moment. This happens because Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 20th Anniversary after opening in 1992.

If you have not been yet, why not?

Whether you are old or young all the Disney heroes are just waiting for you in Paris to show off their wonderful empire to you and your family.

Will you cuddle up to Goofy, kiss Minnie or maybe get Mickey to sign an autograph for you? Make sure to have your camera at the ready as you do not want to miss any photo prospects whilst you will be flanked by these larger than life characters.

Remember that kids under 7 get in for free so judge this when pricing up any coach journeys to Disneyland Paris that are being advertised in the area. Every penny saved, helps.

Once you have arrived in France make sure that the Coach Company you select to go with has left you adequate spare time as well as working out itineraries for the Disneyland visit itself.

After all, the visit to the park is ultimately your goal but the whole time away is a holiday to be appreciated. You do not wish an itinerary that leaves you no time to relax, chill or read a book.

Once in France, the very best coach trips to Eurodisney come with on board guides. These are usually very well-informed men and women that possess great understanding of the areas you are travelling through. You may be all geared up for Disneyland but take time to relax and listen to the manuals as they are a font of information. If your vacation also allows you time to explore Paris you may be pleased that you did!

Once inside the Park itself though, what can you expect?

Well, the top five points of interest are the Buzz Lightyear laser Blast, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain: Mission 2 and also 'It's a small world' (especially for the little ones)

Those alone should keep you and your family entertained but obviously there is much much more to see and do!

There is certainly live music, spectacular shows (such as fireworks), parades, dancing, cinemas and concerts.

A must see is Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show- it's the biggest interactive dinner show with Mickey Mouse and his friends, Minnie, Goofy as well as Chip 'n' Dale.

An once in a lifetime practical experience is the hot air balloon journey that takes 30 passengers up to a height of 100 metres to enable them to have the most remarkable view of the whole park from up in the sky. It is awesome!

For those of you who choose to keep your feet on the ground (and perhaps do not even mind them getting a little wet) there is the large Aquarium to discover what hides beneath us.

In 2010 there have been over 2 million visitors to the park.

They are now expecting record numbers this year as a result of the anniversary.

Do not pass up. Search for coach trips to Disneyland Paris today and get booking your chairs.

Skanda Vale coach trips can also be found from fantastic websites too.

Magnificent Trips To Eurodisney
Coach tours to Disneyland Paris are extremely popular at the moment. This is mainly because Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 20th Anniversary after starting in 1992. In case you have not been yet, why not?

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