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Members Will Only Pay For As Low As USD 398 For A 7-night Stay-in At The Resort

How to stay in 3 Top best golf resorts in Hawaii, making the most of your Golf vacation package at discounted price while staying in 3 luxury resorts. As you are planning for a golfing getaway to Hawaii's best golf clubs and resorts, check out my top 3 golf resort locations in Hawaii.

Are you aware that there is a way on how you can really save 50% to 80% when booking these resorts which is even cheaper compared to booking internet sites like Expedia and

The golf resorts below are just a few of the vacation hot spots in Hawaii where you and your family could enjoy an unforgettable and fun vacation.

1. Mauna Loa Village - Among the 3 to best golf resorts in Hawaii

As per, it costs $2506 to have fun in one week vacation at Mauna Loa Village at the Island of Kailua-Kona. would likely quote $2,443 for the exact 7 nights.

Alternatively you can access the same Resort through a Private Travel Club for just $699/week!

At this rate you will be saving $1,805 and just about paying off your lifetime membership charge from the saving from your 1st family vacation!

Situated in the coast of Keauhou, Kona, Mauna Loa Village Hawaii is a large getaway with 73 well-appointed suites that each one have their own private balconies facing either the ocean or the resort's beautiful property and gardens. Kona Country Club is a panoramic 36-hole golf course and it's close to from Mauna Loa Village

2. Most economical way to gain access to Kona Coast Resort II

Kona Coast Resort II Timeshare Deal Price is a one off $3,995.00 for 1week use per year. Not to forget the once a year maintenance fees of $1,083. On the other hand you can access the same resort by means of a Private Travel Club for a one off membership fee of $2,997 for 2 weeks usage per year. There are Absolutely no maintenance fees!! You will merely pay $699/week in case you use it!

If you made a decision to book the same resort via Expedia for the same week you might pay $1,848 for 7 nights! At this rate you would be paying an additional $1,149 for your vacation!

Many Travel Club members have discovered that the cost of their initial membership can simply be covered by saving made from regular bookings.

Near Kona Coast Resort II is the famous golf course known as the Kona Country Club.

3. Take pleasure in your best vacation at Kaanapali Beach Hotel - island of Maui

As per, it costs $1,389 to enjoy one week vacation at Kaanapali Beach in the Island of Maui. On the contrary you can access the same resort from a Private Travel Club for only$699/week!

With this rate you would be preserving $690 for your vacation and enjoying an air tour of the island with your family members by helicopter!

Tagged as "Hawaii's Most Hawaiian Hotel", this Kaanapali Beach Hotel is located in the island of Maui which houses 430 guestrooms with personal lanais, outdoor splash pool. Regarded among the best golf resorts in Hawaii, this particular golf course is surrounded by stunning gardens while in front of it, is a stunning view of the ocean.

A Face-off: Private Club Membership vs. Timeshare Ownership

The perfect timeshare alternative that I'm talking earlier about is widely called Private Travel Club.Here are simply just some of the reasons why Private Club Membership is unique from traditional timeshare ownership:

Single time membership fee of USD 2,997 (numerous level of membership are available). This already includes 2 Prime weeks' vacation every year and unlimited instant bookings week. Members will only pay for as low as USD 398 for a 7-night stay-in at the Resort.

Members Will Only Pay For As Low As USD 398 For A 7-night Stay-in At The Resort
How to stay in 3 Top finest golf resorts in Hawaii, enjoying your Golf vacation package at reduced price even while staying in 3 luxury resorts.

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