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Miracles Have Not Ceased As Per The AJ Sculptures

Some say that miracles ceased with the times of the Savior . That no longer can we see miracles, for the Lord has provided us with all we want. AJ Sculptures is a witness for the truth that miracles have not ceased. Her Sculptures of Jesus are a good example that miracles will continue to happen as long as the children of men are on earth. Not just because she creates scenes from the life of Jesus Christ , but in addition because of her own story.

Angela Johnson was raised on a farm, and became a classically trained opera singer. She'd been working at that career for years when almost everything changed and she left the piano one day mid-practice went down in the crafts store and purchased some modeling clay. A few hours later she learned that she was incredibly gifted as a sculptor, which she felt closer to the spirit when sculpting than at any other time. It is a miracle that Angela hasn't stopped exploring. Receiving awards for her sculptures and gaining great critical acclaim for the detail and design she puts into these works Angela Johnson has worked for a long time to bring Christ's miracles to life once more.

Miracles take place every time we've got the faith to believe in them. Miracles lead us to understand life in a way in a different than we do without them. Angela Johnson has gone to great lengths to fulfill her hopes for making a place where any person and everyone is welcome to enjoy her sculptures, and feel the calmness of the spirit of God, even without miracles. Miracles have been a source of really good faith for many, but finding the miracles in life, that is an even more cause of trust for everyone.

See the stunning work of Angela Johnson at AJsculptures dot com. Experience the peace the beauty of these stories brings.

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