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Neoflam Assessment: Healthful Non-Stick Cookware Has Finally Showed Up.

Lately, there has been much marketing surrounding the safety of our non-stick cookware. It has been recommended that many of the non-stick pots and also pans which are coated with Teflon may be emitting toxic substances into our cooking, and eventually our bodies. Many claim that these chemicals may in fact, be triggering cancer.

Let's face it, non-stick cookware is extremely convenient and so easy to wash. And there is absolutely nothing worse than spending a half an hour in the kitchen cleaning and scouring burnt pots as well as pans.

But what is the alternative?

My husband is the cook in our household, that makes me the chief dishwasher. So we thought to go on a hunt to find cookware that would be secure to cook on and ideally not enslave me to the kitchen sink. Well low and behold, we found the solution!

Neoflam cookware have made a coating for their pots and pans, which happens to be free of the horrible chemicals, PTFE and PFOA (a most likely carcinogen) and heavy metals just like lead and cadmium. And best of all, the covering is non-stick and ceramic based. Which means no Teflon, absolutely no chemicals, no hours of scrubbing.

This is our Neoflam review:

Neoflam Review by Hubby: This fry pan is awesome to cook with. A very small oil is needed; it seems strong and durable, but light in weight. Cooks the meal evenly. Absolutely nothing sticks. A great pan. We'll be buying much more of these.

Neoflam Review by Me: Cleaning this pan was an absolute pleasure, one wipe and voila! Clean up as a whistle. I'm sold. (In addition, the colours are oh so gorgeous!)

We are apparently not the only ones that like this cookware. Check out what these people uploaded on a Neoflam Review page:

'I adore mine!! I know it's better for me preparing food with them and it feels great cooking with them. Can't wait to get more!! Love them'

'Love it. I acquired the Midas set and all are terrific sizes. Cooking is lovely with them (I use much less oil) and my 13yo son tells me cleansing them is a breeze!!! The colours mean it goes straight from stove to table, plus the plastic lids allow it to be easy to stick left overs in the fridge. (I sound like a sales person but I really like them). I have put in my hint for Xmas for the grill pan - so hope Santa is listening!

'We purchased a 30cm fry pan a few weeks ago and it is wonderful! We cook everything in it from chicken and veggies to pizza and flat bread without any oil needed. Best non-stick surface ever in addition it's beautiful!

We hope you enjoyed our Neoflam Review page. We like to share when we find good quality, eco-friendly, chemical-free products.

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