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Network Marketing VT: A Sincere Analysis On This Company And Just How It Measures Up To Empower Network

With the initial success that Empower Network had, I realized that it would just be a matter of time before a "reasonable facsimile", such as Network Marketing VT, would hit the marketplace.

Upon doing my study of Network Marketing VT, it looks like Empower Network is not the only competition for this company. If you was to conduct your own investigation, you could make the argument that this company is in direct competition with MLSP at the same time. I'll let you be the judge.

Network Marketing VT: The Company

This is a quote from website itself. "Network Marketing VT is the Industry's top education, coaching and software suite, featuring the world's most prosperous direct sales 100% commission opportunity. By leveraging the abundant power of the Web as well as the top quality people we attract, our company benefits from the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The company is started by Jason Spurlock and is located in Indian Harbor Beach, Fl.

Network Marketing VT: The Products

NMVT features a blogging platform like EN. Additionally, they offer 67 other products, such as Wordpress courses, social media software and webinar training. Based on the presentation that I watched, as a member, you have full MSR (master resell rights) to these products. You may set your fee for each item individually, or, give them away. You can also sell them in a 1 package bundle.

Network Marketing VT: The Compensation Plan

100% earnings... Hmmm... Where have I heard that before? LOL. This company makes the same promises as the great EN, but the pass up element is different. Here, you merely pass up your first 3 sales, instead of your 2nd, 4th, 6th and each 5th with Empower Network.

Network Marketing VT costs $118 to join. ($98 plus a $20 fee)

Both rates are 1 time prices from what I can see... Which means there is absolutely no residual income component. They claim that you can send 1 "magic" email to get your product sales started. They also state that these sales may be started without speaking with anybody. Everything is automatic. If you have been following me for virtually any amount of time, you understand how I feel about that.

Network Marketing VT: The Summary

In my opinion, the Jury is still out on this one. While they do provide you with a great deal of products that might prove to be of value to beginners and novices, I have not used any of them, therefore, I really can't comment on them. The very same goes for the webinar trainings. The blogging program is very well laid out, but it still missing the one thing you would need to make a blog successful. It doesn't provide you with the ability to show your brand.

While Network Marketing VT appears to be a good program, you would need to wonder if it's really worth the price of admission.

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