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Planing A Trip To The Most Amazing Locations Of Bangalore

Bangalore is the most well-known and lively town of India. Traveling to Bangalore during this summer season will mean a lot for both the overseas travelers as well as the business traveler. There are a lot of stunning picnic places in Bangalore.

The most popular travel destinations in Bangalore is more popular as Lal Bagh. This beautiful garden is located at Krumbigal road in South Bangalore. However, there is Cubbon Park which is exactly located at Kasturba Road and 5 kilometer off from the railway service point. Do you want to see the most popular lake in Bangalore City? If yes, then you should visit to Ulsoor Lake. This beautiful and amazing lake is located at Halaasuru nearby M.G Street.

Do you know about the heart of the Bangalore City? If yes, then you should visit to the Bangalore Palace. This may give you a huge comfort and self-satisfaction. Next you must visit to Tipu Sultan Palace which is situated at the City Market of Bangalore. Besides that there are many other kinds of interesting and breathtaking places in Bangalore such as:

- Vidhan Soudha

- Attara Kacheri

- St.Mary's Basilica

- The Govt Museum and Venkatappa Artwork Gallery

- Karnataka Society Art Museum &

- Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

As far as the great Indian temples are concerned, then don't skip to visit in Bangalore. You will find out several types of historical temples there for example:

- Shiva Statue and ISKCON Temple

- Venkataramana Swamy Temple

- Basavangudi and the Bull Temple

- Sri Gavi Gangadhareswara Shrine &

- Dodda Ganpathi Shrine

In terms of the Bangalore hotels, you will be stunned by seeing the most magnificent and multi cuisine hotels in Bangalore. One of the most popular Bangalore hotels is known as the Savannah Sarovar Premiere. This is a splendid kind of restaurant in Bangalore. This hotel is a multi cuisine cafe. The best thing about the Savannah Sarovar Premiere is its deluxe kinds of facilities for the guests and international travelers. Furthermore, there are other types of famous hotels in the city including:

- The State Club Sarjapur Road

- Chandra Residency - A Boutique Motel

- Nandhana Luxuries

- Krishna Cedar Serviced Flat

- Motel T.A.P Gold Crest

- Sri Harsha Residency

If you are looking for budget hotels in Bangalore, please don't forget to click at India Motels on the internet to find out your most desirable and economical motels in the city. The India Hotels have emerged as the well-known portal for the overseas travelers to book their comfort resorts in India.

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