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Probably The Most Common Samples Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Signs And Symptoms

Although everyone will have their own unique experiences, there are numerous frequent obsessions and also compulsions. It's well known that OCD symptoms cannot be generalized; yet, below I will list the most common possibilities of obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms.

Three of the most familiar themes of common obsessions are unwanted thoughts about danger or aggression and unwanted blasphemous ideas.

A few good examples of obsessions include:

- fearing contamination, just like contamination from dirt as well as microorganisms in a rest room is definitely on top of the list of the very most common symptoms of OCD

- imagining doing harm, for example imagining that you're going to push somebody in front of a train

- intrusive impulses, for example having to worry that you will expose yourself at work

- too much uncertainties, for instance thinking that you have cancer despite having absolutely no symptoms

- 'forbidden' thoughts, for example seriously thinking about abusing a young child

- a fear of failing to avoid harm, for example feeling that you are accountable for security at work.

The most common compulsions involve repeatedly cleansing or perhaps checking certain objects. Some examples might be:

- repeating actions, for example touching every light switch inside your home five times

- ordering or arranging, one example is always keeping foodstuff sorted by color in the fridge

- washing, such as always washing hands six times with soap as well as six times with no cleaning soap after using the toilet

- checking, such as reading through an email ten times before mailing it to make sure that it doesn't have any mistakes in it

- touching, for example only purchasing things in the supermarket that you've touched with the hands

- focusing on a number, one example is having to do everything three times, or purchase three of every item when you are shopping.

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