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Retain Your Youth With The Right Springfield Chiropractor

Our body system is in a continuing and never ending fight for survival. Scientists estimate that each of our cells must hold up against around 10,000 individual assaults from reactive oxygen species (ROS) or free radicals. Amazingly, the human body has an amazing system of self-healing that withstands the onslaught and rebuilds what is damaged. Care from the right springfield chiropractor has been shown to be a very good method of stabilizing and increasing this self-healing capability.

The central nervous system is the primary system that manages all function and healing within the body. This flow of nerve energy from the human brain to the body coordinates all 75 trillion cells to work. The human brain is then fed by means of movement information that it receives from skin, joint, & muscle receptors. This movement information is called "proprioception." The human brain depends on adequate proprioception for optimal performance.

Physical nerve stress happens when the spinal bones are twisted or disarranged in its order. This is caused every day by macro traumas such as falls, car accidents, & sporting activities. Micro traumas just like bad posture, repetitive movements, and poor sleeping habits can destroy the spine & nervous system also. Physical nerve stress causes a deficiency of healthy brain-body signaling and an increased release of the stress hormone cortisol. This hinders the body's ability to heal.

Chiropractic adjustments from a springfield chiropractor can easily take away this built-up pressure on the nervous system allowing the body to heal as it was fashioned. Many studies have shown chiropractic care to be a powerful form of anti-aging.

In 2005, a landmark study published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation found evidence that chiropractic care from the right springfield chiropractor may reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Oxidative stress is the damage that occurs when free radicals outnumber the body's antioxidants. Oxidative stress damages all body cell components: proteins, lipids as well as DNA. In fact, research workers have found that one out of every three proteins is rendered dysfunctional by unimpeded free radical damage.

Thiols are sulfur containing compounds in the body that act as antioxidants. They react with free radicals to counter them. Serum levels of thiols reflect DNA's capacity to repair itself, report scientists of Biomedical Diagnostic Research, Inc, and can be used to measure aging and disease condition. In a 2003 study publicized in the Journal of Anti Aging Medicine, low serum thiol levels were found in 9 different categories of human sickness and disease.

Retain Your Youth With The Right Springfield Chiropractor
When you find yourself trying to find a Springfield Chiropractor make sure you research. Many experts have said that you can reverse aging by using a chiropractor.

When You Are Looking For A Chiropractor Springfield Understand They Could Support With Healthcare Not Disease Care.
Often there is a miss conception when searching for a Chiropractor Springfield. Chiropractors are responsible for healthcare not disease care.

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