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Is Customer Retention essential?

Wow, looks like such a straightforward concern and one with a clear response. Obviously client retention is important.

As marketers we are frequently so intent on acquiring brand-new clients that we fail to service and keep those we currently have. We work so laser focused on the front end however neglect to hold on to that effort and focus on the back end. As quickly as they walk in the front door we lose them out the back door.

Do your day-to-day tasks mirror the value you put on client retention?

The proof as they say is in the pudding.

You might start by asking yourself the obvious questions?

- How much is a new customer or customer worth to me?

- What is the life time value of that consumer?

- How will a continued consumer benefit me in regards to: 1.)repeat business, 2.)up-sale opportunities and 3.)referrals

Add up the numbers. Numbers don't lie. So, how many hours, how much energy, how much planning, how much execution in your company strategy is aimed at consumer retention?

So, what are some client retention concepts? Let's take a look at these some suggestions.

5 Customer retention Tips

1. Increase the frequency and uniformity of client touch. Just remaining in touch more regularly with your consumers will help keep you and your business top of mind. When they have a requirement in your area of expertise, in your niche, do they consider you, your item, and your service initially?

2. Make your advertising distinct and unforgettable. Information overload - all of us get way too much email. Exactly how could you package your advertising in a more unforgettable method? Are you successfully branding yourself and your business or do you just blend in? Differentiating yourself and your business is crucial. As Brian Tracy has actually stated, "Your business's most important possession is exactly how it is known to it's consumers.".

3. Re-connect with your lost customers. In many ways a lost client is better than a hot lead. They understand you. They've currently come through the door. Have you learned exactly what might have gone wrong if anything? Why have you lost them as a consumer? Is it something you might easily remedy? Timing is so important and maybe now IS the time for them-- however you'll have no way to understand if you do not try to re-connect with them.

4. Campaign for your inactive clients. Like a loveless marriage these clients might not have actually submitted the divorce documents however the thrill is certainly gone from the relationship. Did they leave because they flew into a cost cutting craze but now things have leveled out on their financial front? Were they trying to find a service or you didn't have but now you do? Return in touch with them. You may find them ready to renew their vows!

5. Implement trustworthy follow-up. If the ordinary sale is made just after the 7th contact why have you just called your prospect 3 times? Many times an unclosed sale is merely a future sale in the incubator. It is coming - just not yet. Let your prospect turn their wandering eyes and fickle fancy in other places and you will have lost them. So be faithful. Do not quit to quickly. As they say, the fortune is in the follow-up.

However I am so overwhelmed with everything else how do I effectively and consistently work at client retention?

A crucial facet of your company methods is a rock solid commitment to obtaining customer retention. Then you need a well-oiled procedure and strategy to guarantee it really takes place. If there is any way you could automate the process, any way you can make it more efficient, any way to help accomplish it "en mass" then that is the means to go.

SendOutCards is a marketing service and relationship enhancement resource founded in 2003 by CEO and owner Kody Bateman that offers an ideal solution to the consumer retention problem. SendOutCards allows you to enhance your customer retention efforts in a cost effective, time conserving and unforgettable method.

The power of a wholehearted card, the authentic thank you is the power behind Appreciation Marketing. It is the glue and the fabric of what builds strong relationships. And in the business globe - this in turn develops repeat company and regular recommendations since your recipients have genuinely come to know, like and trust you. You don't should maneuver you have to provide. Genuinely, provide and it will be given to you.

SendOutCards has brought together High tech convenience and automation with High Touch personalization and individuality.

Take the assistance of the profession's most effective leaders and discover a method to connect with your clients both past, present and future.

A Client retained is a client acquired. Customer retention-- it's a must.

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