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Simple At-Home Fixes For When My Computer Is Slow

Your home personal computer's RAM (simply short term memory) is where your PC stores specified data resources that it uses often so it can be accessed easily and quickly. The capacity of the random access memory will effect considerably the performance and speed. Random Access Memory is somewhat different from hard drive memory. Hard Drive Memory stores most of your pictures, mp3's, programs, videos, and other saved information.

OK, here are some reasons your computer may not have enough Random Access Memory:

(1) The principle personal computer operating systems now are Windows XP, Vista and Win 7. XP requires much more RAM than Vista, perhaps as much as double the memory. Also Win 7 is about twice again. Check your operating system. If it uses up close to 75 percent of your PC's RAM capacity that is probably why your computer is slow.

(2) Computer gaming needs much more RAM than just surfing the internet, word-processing, and so on. Besides, gaming also has to have very fast processor speed. So, if your computer is slow and cannot keep up when playing computer games, look at your game specs next to your processor speed.

(3) Many slow computers just don't possess sufficient RAM. And besides RAM is not expensive. When ordering or buying a new computer, get extra RAM added to it new. It's money you want regret spending.

There is a very simple test that can determine if your computer is slow because it doesn't have sufficient RAM. Click right on your desktop's bottom toolbar and you will find a pop-up box. Then click on "Task Manager" and the Windows Task Manager opens displaying the Programs, Processes, and so forth that may be operating. Look at the bottom of the box by "Processes", "CPU Usage", and "Physical Memory".

Now compare "CPU Usage" and the listing for Physical Memory. Central processing unit Usage is the amount of your computer's processor (or engine) capacity is being used by proportion (i.e. 0% is idol and 100% is maxed out). The Physical Storage Memory is your Computer's ram. This shows what is happening inside your computer. Simply put: The closer your computer's memory is to 100 percent the harder your computer will have to work to keep up. And the slower your computer's processor will be.

Now, let your computer completely catch up and go to idol. The computer's central processing unit usage rate ought to drop to 0% or at least to 10 %. (If it will not fall this low maybe you have an application operating - it possibly might be your computer's virus protection program that is running, if not you may have a virus - and that is another issue.) Once the CPU has slowed near to an idol, look at your Physical Memory ratio. If your Physical Memory or RAM still shows to be in the 75 % or plus area you do not have an adequate amount of RAM to conduct your PC at the fastest speeds.

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