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Snow White Princess Costume - Several Fashionable Versions For This Halloween Costume

A Snow White Princess costume is an excellent choice to dress up in this Halloween night (or perhaps if you are just simply having a little fun with your child!) And sure, you can go with the standard costume which happens to be absolutely gorgeous, however if you'd like something that varies a bit from the typical look, you may want to try one of the three cool choices that I've outlined below.

1. Baby Snow White: Obviously the princess we know is not an infant, so dressing yours that way may not be realistic, but it certainly would be cute! So if you are a fan of the pale skinned princess, you may get a really cute Halloween costume in the Snow White motif and have your very own Seven Dwarf loving child. The infant costumes come in 2 different varieties, the more commonly recognized puffy sleeved, yellow-colored skirted kind along with a baby bunting for the wee ones who are really really small. Yes, maybe far too small for candy, but sweet enough to get a lot for you!

2. Sexy Snow White: I don't know about you, but I never ever found the original Snow White to be particularly sexy, gorgeous definitely, but well covered and outfitted very elegantly and princess like. However you don't necessarily have to dress like this, if you'd rather represent the princess with a bit of sass a little more leg then that is your prerogative. There are numerous options available with this kind of style in mind.

3. Short Skirt Snow White: Go on and watch the movie to refresh your memory, however I can tell you that the Snow White from the Walt Disney film is dressed in a long yellow dress, concealing the legs quite nicely. However on Halloween night having a long skirt can be a hassle, so if you don't mind being a little colder and you would like the far less hassle outfit that is a tiny bit shorter, you could choose a Snow White Halloween costume that has a short skirt instead, they are available for both grown ups and toddlers.

These 3 Snow White costumes should satisfy you or your kid perfectly! With so many choices, everyone can get the costume that they truly want. From the traditional Snow White appearance, to maybe a more sassy look, Snow White is appearing in many different styles this year. For babies there are 2 nice options, a bunting or a lovely short skirted dress for the moderately older child. Toddlers/children can pick from the traditional long yellow gown to even a shorter ballerina outfit and adults have a number of options ranging from traditional to short, to perhaps a sexy, but tasteful snow white appearance.

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