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Some Useful Tips Regarding CCIE Exam Preparation

Ccie is one of the most respected and widely known certifications in the IT industry. It is sometimes compared to PhD in networking. People qualified with CCIE certification are experts in a number of fields of networking. The oldest and the most popular is the ccie routing and switching, but you find other CCIE tracks, too. Network security professionals are certified as ccie security, VoIP experts as CCIE Voice, for example. Other tracks are Service Provider, Wireless, Storage and Service Provider Operations. Whatever the track, one thing is for sure - person certified as CCIE has carried out grueling preparation and even more complicated on-site hands-on test, presented by Cisco. Certification is administered by Cisco, but is respected and accepted as certificate of best networking competence and achievement by everyone.

The biggest value of this certification is that there are no magic formulas, cheats and so-called "brain-dumps" that can be used! Since it's an on-site, hands-on examination that lasts EIGHT hours, it's not very difficult to imagine why. In addition, Cisco has valued and nurtured their CCIE program since 1993. CCIE certified persons bring many benefits to their companies, such as improved/faster access to specific support teams within Cisco, but much more notably, by being experts who can be relied on.

What does one need to do to become CCIE? Here are eight suggestions for the effective CCIE preparation.

1. Prepare yourself for at least 6-9 months of long days and also longer nights of hard study and work! If possible, plan to have at least one month before your exam date fully devoted to study!

2. CCIE is expert-level certification and as such requires those who are certified CCIE to be experts in their specific fields. This requires a lot of reading and a lot of practice. Get familiar with Cisco's website and products, as well as available materials from their publishing company, Cisco Press.

3. Chose the CCIE track that matches your interests and current proficiency in networking. Just as a reminder, available tracks include: Routing and Switching, Voice, Security, Service Provider, Service Provider Operations as well as Wireless and Storage.

4. Study, prepare and successfully pass the written qualification exam for the selected track. For most popular tracks, Cisco Press has released certification guides and usually, this is not a big problem for most students. Preparing well for the qualification exam will be worthwhile during lab preparation, as this should offer solid theoretical knowledge.

5. Select reliable CCIE training partner, which has proven track record and methodology, combined with blended learning methods, that include comprehensive self-study material and instructor-led classes for the second part of the qualification - the dreaded CCIE Lab.

6. Understand advanced theory and concepts associated with the selected track and begin technology-focused, specific learning by watching video on demand, listening to audio on demand products, as well as practicing individual technologies. Watching videos and listening to instructors at your convenience, is an excellent kick-start for CCIE preparation. Particularly with those who prefer to follow structured learning method to CCIE certification.

7. Reinforce theory, advanced knowledge and technologies working together by practicing multiprotocol exercises from lab practice workbooks.

8. Reinforce advanced knowledge by attending one of the instructor-led classes. These classes are recognized as "CCIE Bootcamps" and, as their nickname suggests, are very intensive. They are generally week-long and serve to fill-in any understanding gaps you may have at this point in your learning.

By using these simple 8 tips, you should be able to prepare yourself to become one of only 20000 CCIE certified experts all over the world.

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