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Strolling With The Younger Kids In Western Australia

When planning a holiday with the children, you could spend some time seeking the perfect family holiday spot. Ideally, we want the children to have fun as well as enjoy nature and have life memories. And we, as parents, even want to have some time for relaxation.

We made the decision to go to Western Australia last month and we think we discovered the ideal blend for the children and also adults alike. Western Australia features it all and we particularly enjoyed 'Down South' as it is coined through the locals. For the adults, of course was the myriad of vineyards, cheeses and chocolate factories. For the children, there were numerous caves and beaches and nature to explore.

One of the greatest times we had together was when we went for a lovely walk through the forest in Denmark. We placed our big toddler in the ergo carrier on Daddy's back. And our little toddler went in the ergo baby on Mum. That was a really good experience for all of us. The walk itself took us around 60 minutes round trip (the kids stayed in their baby carrier for the majority of the trek), during which we found a waterfall and also an array of exotic birds and creatures. The girls totally enjoyed spotting the birds as well as beautiful flowers and we all felt revived and also stimulated after a great walk in nature.

Western Australia was absolutely an attractive place and we were happily surprised by how untouched the majority of the countryside is. All of us had a wonderful family trip all in all, and can highly recommend the south west of Western Australia as a holiday destination. We are looking forward to returning for more exploration (and wine tasting!) in the foreseeable future.

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