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Studies Of The Three Stages Of LED Light Market

While the early LED is generally emitting monochromatic light, although the power is very low and price is high, but it is high reliability, well operated and low volume, so the turning up of this market in the beginning is electronic device indicator. For example: traffic lights. With the gradual improvement of the lighting product and other public reason, LED unit gradually is replacing some traditional products.

In consideration of the higher electricity costs, such as commercial application workplaces, normally they need to guarantee the work of electricity a long time, so led light are getting very popular for its advantage. It is thought that, led light market should be divided as following stage:

First Stage: replacing and accepting

This stage represents the early stages of LED development, basically reflecting its high light efficiency (low energy consumption), long life characteristics. Because of the high price, so during this period led is mainly for commercial application market. Several traditional light sources are the original appearance, so interface of LED light must adhere to the traditional lamp's old one. At this time, consumers have an accepting stage, comparing with traditional light bulbs, LED reflects the energy-saving, longevity and other features, so they make the market accept its relatively high price.

Second stage: practical stage

Based upon the early stage, the market for led tube has a certain level of recognition and acceptance. Eco-friendly feature, small size, high reliability and other features gradually highlight. Thus developed multiple absolutely different from the traditional light applications and products are going to be popular. For example: different models of new lights, high reliability and explosion-proof led work light, induction lamp, etc.

Third stage: intelligent control stage

Due to the Internet improvement, LED as the semiconductor industry, is playing out its high manageable characteristics. From home to workplaces, from roads to the tunnel, LED lighting systems with intelligent control will bring a higher level of human services.

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