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Take Your Kids To These Disney World Rides For Great Fun

Disney World was developed by legendary entertainer and motion picture producer Walt Disney. It is actually spread over an area of 30,080 acres, having four theme parks, 2 water parks, twenty three themed hotels and many more places of interest. It is found in Florida, in the United States. There is a famous story behind the making of Disney World. Shortly after building Disneyland in California, Walt Disney ended up being upset with the buzzing trading outlets and scarcity of room to expand the theme parks. Consequently he decided to develop the present Disney World 23 kilometers from Orlando, Florida within an extremely large area.

This area is characterized by its celestial setting, ever-innovative attractions, theme parks, and the excited faces of children and adults. Disney World rides are the high point of the whole park. They are meticulously and thematically planned. There are actually approximately 96 of these. They have been classified under many different themes like Adventure Land, Main Street USA, Frontier Land, Liberty Square, and Fantasyland.

There's a wide selection of Disney World rides to select from. They go under the names of Dinosaur, Space Mountain, Rocking Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith, Donald Boat, Tower of Terror, and countless others. Among them, Rocking Roller Coaster holds the top slot amongst the thrillers. This roller coaster doesn't start out gradually. It accelerates to a breakneck speed of 60 miles per hour quickly. It features the standard hairpin bends and is thrilling right to the core. The Twilight Zone Tower drops you from a great height. It leaves shouts of sheer excitement and fear.

The Dinosaur provides the sense of traveling on a time machine. It could turn out to become a scintillating experience, especially with the Dinosaur chasing after you. Not to be left behind, Expedition to Everest in search of the mythical Yeti is every bit as remarkable.

One can experience science fiction with Mission Space to Mars. It functions with the assistance of a stimulator and centrifuge. One should certainly never neglect Space Mountain which is a roller coaster ride in darkness. There are numerous water games. The Splash Mountain brings you through a cascade of water.

There are many games based on the animal world. The very long list includes Kali River Rapids, Festival of the Lion King, and Maharajah Jungle Trek. Naturally, Walt Disney is the monarch of animation films about animals! Killimanjaro Safari can give you the authentic feeling of going for a safari. You can experience the sights of actual animals while traveling on a jeep. Additionally, you will be called upon to save the animals by chasing away the poachers. There's no underestimation of the fact that the Disney World rides are in a class all their own.

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