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Taking Care Of The Problems Of Menopause Doesn't Need To Become An Uphill Battle

Menopause and its particular symptoms are one of the topmost concerns of women. As soon as it starts, it cannot be undone, it's a natural course of life. The good news is the fact that there are actually quite a few ways of taking care of the symptoms, which clearly have an effect on the daily lives of women and also their families.

The lack of sex drive, hot flashes, very emotional incidents and the many other signs and symptoms of menopause can be very frustrating and, sometimes, debilitating. Life in general is impacted. Menopause may affect regular activities and personal relationships. Where medical professionals and the practice of medicine is concerned, hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, is the primary defense against menopause.

These days, more women are using alternative natural treatments to get through menopause and all of its symptoms. There have been clinical studies which reveal that HRT, even while effective in keeping the symptoms at bay, may place individuals at risk of other health issues. According to a research study, HRT brought on a 26 percent increase in breast cancer, 22 percent more cardiovascular illnesses, 29 percent raise in heart attacks as well as a 41 percent increase in strokes. Doctors currently only prescribe hormone replacement therapy when the advantages will unquestionably exceed the risks. Given this research, it might be more advisable to take the natural approach of contending with menopause.

There are actually quite a few alternative natural treatments for the symptoms of menopause. Those listed below are some of the most commonly seen.

Black Cohosh

Mood swings and hot flashes could be relieved with black cohosh, additionally known as squaw root. The plant has been utilized by Native Americans to ease female problems. In modern times, medical practitioners in Germany suggest black cohosh to manage not just menopause, but some other problems such as PMS, stress and anxiety and mild depression. Cohosh is often available in drug stores where supplements are sold. They are available in 40 milligram capsules and may be taken once on a daily basis, but should not be taken longer than six months.

Vitamin A

Women over the age of 50 really need 700 micrograms of Vitamin A each and every day. It can be found naturally in yellow-orange and dark green vegetables. It can aid menopausal women with their problems with dry skin or yeast infections.


There have been medical studies that clearly show the connection between calcium and hot flashes. In addition, calcium is very valuable in preserving solid bones, which could become brittle because of the calcium deficit brought about with menopause. A glass of skim milk, yogurt, cheese, beans, spinach and almonds are good sources of calcium.

Soy-based Foods

When menopause starts, estrogen decreases. It can, on the other hand, be replaced by phytoestrogen, which may also supply the many benefits of the natural estrogen the body used to produce prior to menopause. Phytoestrogen may be found in soy-based foods such as miso, tofu, soybeans and soy nuts.

Dealing with the discomforts of menopause doesn't need to be an uphill battle. It could be effectively managed even without using hormone replacement therapy. There are all natural strategies by which the effects of menopause may be kept under control. Black cohosh, Vitamin A, soy-based foods and calcium all exist in nature, and they are efficient at doing battle against mood swings, hot flashes and also other ailments caused by menopause.

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