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Tempur-Pedic Mattresses Can Provide You With A Great Night's Sleep

Tempur-pedic mattresses were essentially inspired by the cushions and foam utilized by NASA to support their astronauts from the pressure they experience during their take off to space. It has been around ever since the 1970's however the general public found out about it 10 years later. It was known then as temperature foam because it is made of viscoelastic material which minimizes pressure and responds to our body temperature. It required a bit of time before the commercial version was developed because it was unstable outside outer space.

It is quite a bit different from the old coil spring beds since it adjusts to your body shape since it reacts to your temperature as it touches the bed. Every turn and each move is noticed and then the mattress adapts like magic. Visualize a virtual bed that works to make sure you feel comfortable the whole night. There is no need to be concerned about a stiff neck, aching muscles or any other body aches since you have all the support you need each time.

When you sleep with your spouse, you understand how tiny movements are going to shake the other parts of the bed and wake you right up. But this is a thing of the past with a tempur-pedic mattress since the area is individual from one particular side to the other. Even if your spouse comes home later at night, your sleep would never be disturbed because the bed is adapted to your own body despite what occurs on the opposite side.

Tempur-pedic mattresses can be found in three collections, Cloud, HD and Contour. The mattresses are also categorized based on their dimensions to accommodate whatever room size or bed you own. They have twin, twin long, double, queen, king or even California king. You can also choose the softness or stiffness of the bed which varies from soft, medium to firm. Just tell them the size that you need, the level of softness you prefer and then you can very easily assess the advantages that each collection offers. Cloud gives the softest foam, HD is medium and the firmest and yet still comfortable, is Contour.

Tempur-pedic mattresses are made up of several layers, the base, support, and comfort. You can choose the thickness of every layer in accordance with your personal preference. All their mattresses have a dual air-flow system which means your bed feels cool no matter what. And for an added bonus, you don't need to turn over your mattress again. It will adjust by itself and so beating it down to make it flat is no longer required.

Because of so many alternatives and amounts of comfort to select from, like allergen and dust mite resistant, and different options for different levels, Tempur-pedic mattresses give you the best choice.

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