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The Advantages Of Chimney Lining

Chimney lining is required to avoid smoke from leaking in the home. Chimney lining is available in a variety of materials such as metal and bricks with respect to the type of fire used simply because wood stoves are hotter than gas fires therefore you will need to use a chimney lining that can tolerate the heat produced.

While looking for chimney lining a number of the factors you should think about is the type of heat that is produced by your fire source. Some heat sources create more heat than others. For instance wood stoves create more heat than a gas fire and lining the chimney with a material which is well suited for a gas fire such as stainless-steel metal lining is probably not suitable for a wood fire as it may lead to burning of the lining, or creating a bad odor when the fire is burning as the lining will be impacted by the heat also it can also lead to your chimney getting harmed.

Select a chimney lining which will leave enough space in the chimney for ventilation. If the lining is too thicker, there may not be enough ventilation space in the chimney so that the smoke and soot will flow back in your home. The cold air outside of the chimney will draw out the warm air inside the chimney, which is the smoke, then it can be dispelled. If the ventilation isn't enough to permit the smoke to be drawn out then it will flow back to the easiest outlet which is the house which may be damaging to your health as well as property.

It's always best to get chimney lining that acts as an insulator so the gases which are passing through don't get condensed which might make them flow back in your home. It is best to use round lining as opposed to rectangle-shaped and square flue tiles or angled lining as smoke spirals upwards. Rectangle or square tiles will take up more space than necessary or lessen the space so that there's a reduced draft so that the space inside the chimney is decreased.

You will find different kinds of chimney linings such as metal linings which can either be rigid or flexible, ceramic linings, cement based linings as well as clay lining. You can use either of these types based on your chimney because old kinds of houses have different chimneys as compared to more recent houses. However it is far better to go for high quality type of chimney lining so it can last long, it will not be at risk of cracking or breaking because of heat. Probably the most important things you should do when picking a chimney lining is consider safety in your house and during the installation process ensure that it is done safely as well as well. Don't go for a cheaper choice of lining if it will endanger your daily life and health with smoke entering your house as it will cost more in the long run as you will ultimately have to replace it.

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