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The Amazing Benefits Attached To Self Adhesive Labels

Self adhesive labels are pressure sensitive labels which stick to surfaces when pressure is applied to them. They do not require any solvent like water or glue for bonding to surfaces. Bonding of self adhesive labels to surfaces can also happen at room temperature (ie it does not need any form of heat application for bonding to happen). However factors such as the smoothness and the presence of contaminants can affect the effectiveness of these labels. Self adhesive labels have become the package labeling option for most industries over the years due to their continuously increasing benefits and advantages over the conventional, somewhat primitive methods of labeling products.

Most wine and beverage companies are opting for self adhesive labels because they have been found to be durable and long lasting. They have been found to endure degradation from substances such as water when products are stored in coolers, refrigerators or ice buckets. This is normally due to their waterproof surfaces. Some self adhesive printed labels are known to last over a hundred years when used to label products. They do not easily peel off because of the strong nature of bonds they form with surfaces they are pressed unto.

Another benefit of self adhesive labels over conventional labeling is that they can be easily removed. Unlike these primitive labeling methods which form permanent bonds which may damage surfaces if efforts are made to remove them, self adhesive labels can be removed without any hassle simply by reversing the pressure applied (ie by pulling label off). Self adhesive labels are relatively safer to use. Compared to many label methods that require the use of adhesives such as glue, which can be harmful to humans when adsorbed unto the skin, self adhesive labels pose no health risks whatsoever.

Computer programs that are used to design self adhesive labels enable the addition of security features such as Radio Frequency Identification tags and tamper-evident seals, in addition to developing better looking and more attractive labels that promote packaged and labeled products. For industries that are conscious of the environment, biodegradable and/ or recyclable materials may be used to produce self adhesive labels. These do not contribute to the problem of environmental degradation.

The use of self adhesive labels has been found to be very economical both for the label manufacturers and industries which use them. Due to their reproducible nature, self adhesive label manufacture is relatively faster and conserves energy. Manufacturers therefore produce more units for much less cost. This makes the use of self adhesive labels in industries for labeling more cost effective and therefore significantly better than traditional labeling methods.

A major advantage self adhesive labels have over other techniques of labeling is their versatility. These labels can be made and used for virtually any type of container size or shape. They could also be furnished with various features which include gold foils, metallic links etc. Sub surface printing is also possible in self adhesive labels.

In light of these very important benefits, the usage of self adhesive labels should be an obvious choice when quality, informative and attractive labeling is desired to endorse one's products.

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